Stories for September 2005


Thursday, September 29

Kathy N. Black

Kathy N. Black, 50, of Star Valley, died Sept. 25, 2005.

Dispute ends with teacher's resignation

The Payson school board's decision not to accept Scott Dean's resignation won't keep the Payson High School teacher and head basketball coach on campus.

Guardian Angel Program keeps tabs on homebound

Several different calling systems are in place in Payson to check on seniors, the homebound and people on oxygen or other medical devices.

Restless leg sufferers find some relief

For restless leg syndrome sufferers, the urge to move their legs when they sit or lie down can prove impossible to resist.

CERT training helps neighbors help neighbors

The devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita is hundreds of miles away. But seeing the stark images of destruction makes most of us wonder -- Could I survive a disaster? What could I do to help my family ... my neighbors ... my community?

Proper identification vital for pets


We have all worried about the pets after Katrina, and then there was Rita.undreds of dogs and other pets have been rescued. The monumental task ahead is reuniting these pets with their people. The key -- proper identification.

'Maxwell P.I.'

The Payson High School Drama Department kicks off its 2005-2006 season with the romantic comedy "Maxwell P.I."

Close call on Highway 260

A collision between a logging truck and a Volkswagen passenger vehicle closed the westbound lane of Highway 260 in Star Valley for about 25 minutes Sept. 28.

Payson made a difference

My name is Stormy, and I am a nine-year employee of the Mazatzal Casino. Many of you may know me from my name or all the costumes that I wear on holidays to make you laugh or smile. I have so much fun working there, but I have a story to tell you that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

More to water issue than reported

Re your editorial "Study raises sobering water questions" in the Sept. 27 edition of the Roundup, I think that your readers are entitled to some additional facts.

New emergency plan to cover all bases

In so many ways 9-11 changed everything, including Payson's emergency operations plan.

What's up?

Q: Why was the skateboard park closed Saturday and Sunday for the fiddle contest? I brought my son to skate, like I do every weekend. It doesn't make any sense to me. They aren't using the skate park. It seems to me like it was a little biased. Did they think there would be too many wild kids out there, so they closed the park?

Child Protective Services offers hope to families

Child Protective Services investigated 37,674 cases of child abuse or neglect in the state of Arizona from April 1, 2004 through March 31, 2005. Of those, 514 were in Gila County. CPS often gets a bad rap, said local unit supervisor Mary Meyers.

TV4 programming gets boost

When you tune into TV Channel 4 Saturday, Oct. 1, you will notice that the programming is different. That's because at 12:01 a.m. the town of Payson takes over the broadcast operations of TV4.

Payson Aero Fair moves to fall

Helicopter and airplane scenic flights are among the highlights of the 2005 Payson Aero Fair, which runs from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 1.

John Maxim

John Maxim, 86, died Sept. 27, 2005. As a resident of Payson for 19 years, he volunteered his time planting flowers in various places to help make the town beautiful.

Noted horse trainer offers workshops

Steve Sikora, a John Lyons-certified horse trainer, has added a free demonstration to his two clinics to be held Oct. 8 and 9 at the Payson Event Center.

Is Payson prepared for disaster?

RTA Hospice learns from drill

A mock disaster drill to test its emergency patient evacuation plan was staged at RTA Hospice and Palliative Care the evening of Sept. 22. The drill scenario was a fully involved, first-alarm fire with Payson, Diamond Star and Houston Mesa fire departments responding, according to Lorna Hansen, patient care administrator for RTA.

Humans are at root of feral cat problem

A recent attack by a stray cat on a senior citizen in Payson North provides an opportunity to re-emphasize an obvious fact: Irresponsible humans are at the root of the area's stray and feral cat problem.

Village pitches in for clean-up weekend


Tonto Village was buzzing with clean-up activities this past weekend. Thanks to Wally and Dean of Buckhead Mesa Landfill, three roll-off dumpsters were put on the back lot of the fire station. Nick and Gayle Fitch, who headed up this project, handed out fliers to everyone in the Village the day before.

Town delivering on promises to fix bad streets

This letter is in response to a letter published in the Friday, Sept. 23 Roundup titled "Where's the money to fix Payson's Streets?"

World more dangerous without our troops?

CBS/AP reported President Bush said Thursday, Sept. 22, that withdrawing American forces from Iraq would make the world more dangerous and allow terrorists "to claim an historic victory over the United States."

Legality may yet be determined

I have watched the deviation, stalling and many other tactics of the Payson town council and town manager come into play in this great and important battle of Payson attempting to get Star Valley water. I thought I must write again to "Mail Call" and be sure that the voting residents of Payson understand what a "rotten" deal has been made to get water from a well in Star Valley, on property owned by Roy Haught and George Randall.

Growth not bad when properly controlled

This is a rebuttal to two letters on development by Ralph Bossert (Sept. 20) and by Laura Groess (Sept. 23). Both letters have some malarkey in them. Citations (noted with an *) are from the book "Better, Not Bigger" by Community Planning Consultant Eben Fodor.

Craft fair, fall festival, car show on tap


The Christopher/Kohl's Firebelles have elected a new president, Phyllis Agnew. The residents are happy to see that the auxiliary remains active.

Build good out of everything

No matter who you are, where you are, or what your circumstances are, you can build for good. Joined together, the minds, hearts and hands of all of us united in beneficence can gently build good into whatever it focuses upon.

Crappie fishing is year-round pursuit


Springtime is considered the traditional time to catch crappies at Roosevelt Lake prior to and during the spawn. What about the other nine months of the year?

First archery hunt a winner

Frank Devaney's first attempt at archery hunting turned successful when he downed a 3x3 mule from about 30 yards away.

Payson youth football teams sweep competition

Get out the brooms -- Payson youth football has polished off a clean sweep.

Middle school runners strut stuff

The Rim Country Middle School Maverick cross country team is gearing up in after-school practice sessions for the Sawmill Mile.

Friends of Ferals attacking problem humanely

The attack on a local resident by a stray cat comes at a time when Payson Friends of Ferals is launching a major effort to reduce the number of feral cats through nonlethal methods.

Stray cat attack sparks debate

Feral cat concerns

When 84-year-old Larry Lantagne went outside to rake his yard Monday, it would be the second time in four months a stray cat attacked him without warning.

Fuels Reduction Program a success


I am home again. It is great to be here. Some parts of the country are flooded and here we are in desperate need of rain.

Accident sends three to hospital

Three people were sent to Payson Regional Medical Center around 2:45 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29 following a collision just east of the intersection of Highways 87 and 260.

Hopi nips Longhorn cross country team in rare tie breaker

Roster depth has long been a huge factor in deciding the outcome of prep sporting events. But never was it more important than at the Blue Ridge Invitational Sept. 24 in Lakeside.

Payson man indicted for injuring officer

Reed Hatch, 22, Payson, was indicted by the Gila County grand jury on five charges in a pedestrian-vehicle accident the evening of Aug. 18 in which Department of Public Safety Officer Charlie Hopkins, 22, was seriously injured.

Horns, Falcons evenly matched

Comparative scores can be misleading, but often they are the only way to measure a pair of prep football teams representing different regions.

Wednesday, September 28

Mini-Photo Gallery: RCMS Football against Holbrook

The Payson Roundup presents this mini-photo gallery of the Rim Country Middle School football game against Holbrook Junior High School on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005 in Payson. The RCMS Mavericks defeated the Holbrook Roadrunners 38-16. As of this gallery post, the Mavericks are undefeated.

Homecoming activities

This is Homecoming Week at Payson High School, and the week's theme is "Music Makes You Lose Control."

Tuesday, September 27

Acclaimed quilter teaches unique technique

Fabric, thread, yarn, silk flowers, beads and netting are combined with a unique technique to create dazzling works of fiber art.

Quilters gather in Rim Country this fall


Celebrating the art of quilting, the first-ever Rim Country Quilt Roundup is coming to Payson in November. Now is the time to register for classes and enter quilts in the show's exhibit.

Time to pump it up with pumpkin


Pumpkin tastes great in just about anything you make with it -- from deliciously moist muffins to colorful curries, rich and mellow brownies to savory casseroles.

Policy unfair to male bears


We interrupt this column for a special warning to all parents: Do not let your children out this Halloween wearing an adult male bear costume.

Monday, September 26

Ties tangle President's Cup outcome

Roger Poole and Warren Mulcahy are locked in a dead heat race for the Payson Mens Golf Association President's Cup.

Win over Lobos one for record books

The Longhorns have etched their name in the gridiron records books as the only Payson High School varsity football team to win a game in Snowflake.

Coach tests players at soccer invitational

A four-team Pioneer Title Agency Soccer Invitational came up one squad short when St. Paul's Academy failed to show up. "They said they thought it was next weekend," Longhorn coach Roger Wholly said.

Thundering Three battle for No. 1

There could be a changing of the guard on the Longhorn cross country team.

Ben Leigh Vance

Ben Leigh Vance died Sept. 23, 2005. He was born Dec. 3, 1927, in Plumtree, N.C. He was a teenager when his mother signed a waiver so he could join the Navy (to help support his family) during World War II.

Class notes

Rim Country Middle School Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held Thursday, Sept. 29. The conferences will be held in the cafeteria from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Hayden Junior Pierson

Hayden Junior Pierson, 61, of Payson, died Sept. 22, 2005. He was born May 29, 1944 in Kansas City, Mo.

George T. "Spud" Henry

George T. "Spud" Henry, 89, of Payson, died Sept. 24, 2005. He was born Nov. 27, 1915 in Clarksville, Texas. Mr. Henry formerly lived in Vernon, Texas; Globe/Miami; Scottsdale; and Cottonwood.

Robert E. Gardner

Robert E. Gardner, 71, died in East Verde Park Thursday, Sept. 8, 2005.

Quilt proceeds go toward new shelter

It's a whimsical quilt comprised of individual blocks, each featuring a dog or cat dressed in costume, and when the Tuesday Needlers finished it, they knew it had to go to the Payson Humane Society.

PAHH continues chain of good work

Eric Hilgendorf's family of seven is moving this week into the 12th house built by the Payson Area Habitat for Humanity.

Study raises sobering water questions

As charges and countercharges swirl around the issue of bringing water from the Diamond Star area to Payson to build three new subdivisions, a study just released by ThinkAZ and summarized on the front page of last Friday's Payson Roundup offers a rare opportunity to inject an element of objectivity.

Teen retains state title in fiddling

Matthew Rolland successfully defended his 2004 Arizona State Fiddle Championship this weekend. Rolland, 18, Mesa, won the state title at the 35th Annual State Championship Old Time Fiddlers Contest held Sept. 24 to 25 in Rumsey Park. He will represent the state at the nationals in Weiser, Idaho.

New homes not the way to grow

I just finished reading a letter to you titled "Shame on coalition for dividing community." The comment I would like to make is to the gentleman who wrote that.

New driving penalties not stiff enough

In response to the article outlining the new stiffer penalties for driving without insurance and driving under the influence, I am compelled to offer an observation and ask a couple of questions.

Come clean on water situation

OK, I admit I am thoroughly confused as to the true water situation in the town of Payson. For 12 years, I have heard the town tell me how I must conserve our precious water resources. I have also heard for 12 years from a variety of area groups that we are running out of water at any moment. Yet, the water continues to flow.

Put money to better use

Shame on Star Valley Coalition? Shame on you, Ralph Bossert. I am a fourth generation in Star Valley, and I can tell you who started the dividing of Payson and Star Valley -- the Payson Town Council did the minute they started dealing with Mike Horton.

Gasoline price gouging -- not

The price of gasoline and other combustible fuels has risen sharply. Recently, at least three of our representatives in Washington have mentioned by name ExxonMobil, saying that in 2004 the corporation made more than $20 billion (amounting to $3.89 per share) and was guilty of price gouging on gasoline.

Near business experience not a pleasant one

We have loved living and working in Payson for 26 years. We naively thought that opening our own hairdressing salon would be welcomed by both M'liss's many loyal clients, and the town of Payson.

Stereotyping is hurtful, unproductive

I am a student at Rim Country Middle School. Recently when I went to Wal-Mart to buy some last minute school supplies, I was yelled at for just picking up a bottle of White Out.

Budding drama students learn through laughter

"Lights, Camera, Action!" introduced eight elementary school students to acting basics during one of Frontier Elementary School's Wolf Impressions classes.

What does it take to remain calm during an accident?


Most vehicles manufactured today use fuel injection to regulate the flow of gasoline into the engine, but not too long ago that flow of gas was regulated by a butterfly valve in the throat of a carburetor.

Friestad, Eckstein to wed

Gail Hodge and Craig Eckstein, both of Payson, and Greg and Sherrie Friestad, announce the engagement of their children Jeremy Scott Friestad and Ashley Ann Eckstein.

Payson High School grad heads for combat school

Tanner Morgan, a 2004 graduate of Payson High School, is heading to Pope Air Force Base in Fayetteville, N.C. for Combat Control School.

State ravaged by fire, but district gets a break

While the rest of the state burned, a wet winter helped keep the number of wildfires originating in the Payson Ranger District at a four-year low.

McDaniel to serve on Diamond Star council

The new town of Diamond Star -- or whatever it ends up being called -- now has a face, and a reassuring one at that.

New law tough on bullies

'Bullying Statute' increases penalties for harassment

Payson High School teachers and coaches were quick on the scene to stop a fist fight that broke out after school between two teenage boys. It was a typical incident -- one boy claimed he was tripped and the other teen denied doing it. Words were exchanged, then blows.

Payson Rotary Club sponsors foreign exchange student

Paysonost favoriteon last week when Anthony Incardona left for a year as a foreign exchange student to Votuporanga, Sao Paolo, Brazil. But the population at Payson High School stayed the same.

Spirit line seeking support

The Payson High School spirit line needs your help to purchase new warm-up uniforms.

Thursday, September 22

Pipe on site, ready to go

Local developer G. Michael Horton has taken delivery of a large quantity of pipe, enough to get started on the water line he intends to run from Star Valley down Highway 260 to Payson.

Tonto Apache Tribe brings millions to Rim Country

The Tonto Apache Tribe has a rich heritage in the Rim Country, and it is building a legacy just as valuable through its economic impact today. "The Tonto Apache Tribe might be small in terms of both population and land area, but its contributions to the greater Payson area economy are enormous," Lay James Gibson, University of Arizona, said in an economic assessment prepared for the tribe and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Flatlanders Party fun for Christopher Creek residents


This last week, about 50 residents of Christopher Creek headed for the woods to celebrate the 26th Annual Flatlanders Party. After Labor Day, it's a time to kick back and relax.

Tonto Village winds down after busy summer season


Fall has arrived, so the calendar tells us. The season arrived this past Thursday. The telltale signs are in Tonto Village and in my own garden. My petunias have already "bit the dust."

Fund-raisers set to help buy hearing aid for child


I sit here looking out over Buzzard's Bay in Massachusetts. A sailboat is making its way through the endless water like a floating feather. It is beautiful, peaceful and mesmerizing. You never tire of looking at the water.

Know which plants are poisonous and pose danger


In my last column (Sept. 6 Roundup), I mentioned some poisonous plants and, as it can be disastrous if young children ingest some parts of these plants, it would be good to mention some other plants that are toxic to children, animals, or even adults.

Partnership offers home health service

Payson Regional Medical Center's Home Health Services (HHS) agency has entered into a partnership with Rim Country Health and Retirement Community.

Come hear stories about Katrina relief efforts

Daryl Oft, owner of Diversified Solutions, left Sept. 7 to help provide relief efforts for the Gulf Coast area devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Clipping coupons for sensible shopping

Terri Morris saves a bundle using coupons when she shops for her family of five. A recent Bashas' receipt was 44 inches long. Her bill was $36.10. She combined coupons with frequent shopper values and saved herself $74.51, or 67 percent.

AIA gives Blue Ridge disputed win

The Blue Ridge High School football team has been awarded a victory in a game that never featured a second half.

Fall bass fishing at Roosevelt hard to beat

As I reported last week, fall means great fishing in Arizona. Luckily for Rim Country residents, one of our best warm water lakes is only 45 minutes away.

Punt, Pass, Kick winners head to Apache Junction

Winners of the Payson Pepsi Punt, Pass and Kick competition have been crowned and will advance to sectional competition in October.

Longhorns in top 10 in Flagstaff meet

David Cluff paced the Longhorn cross country team's effort at the Four Corners Invitational running to a 13th place finish in 16:56.

Lady Horns' net squad continues to struggle

The Lady Longhorns' recent venture outside the ranks of the 3A East region turned into an exercise in futility.

Merle William Roland

Merle William Roland, 79, of Payson, died Sept. 20, 2005, after a lengthy illness. He was born Jan. 13, 1926, in Scottsbluff, Neb., to Velva (Wadley) and William Roland.

Jeanette Houser

Jeanette Houser, of Payson, died Sept. 20, 2005 in Payson. She was born Jan. 28, 1940 in Bridgeport, Conn.

Ellen Cook

Ellen Cook, 86, died Sept. 18, 2005. She was born Dec. 29, 1918 in Sistersville, W.Va. She moved with her family to Gnadenhutten, Ohio at the age of 3. It was there that she began raising a family of her own, later moving to Thompson, Ohio.

Russell Walton Blair

Russell Walton Blair of Bend, Ore. died Sept. 19, 2005 of complications from diabetes. He was 54. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at Trinity Episcopal Church in Bend.

What's up?

Q: Will the brush disposal pit just north of town on the west side of the 87 be available again for public use? If so, when; if not, why not?

Forgiveness is a gift

To the young woman who was molested: The only way you can survive this without being scathed is through forgiveness. In the past, I have worked with many who have suffered your experience. One was the victim of both her father and her grandfather. I told her she would have to forgive them.

High School Rodeo comes to Payson

Aspiring cowboys and cowgirls from around the state will gather Sept. 24 and 25 at the Payson Event Center to showcase their skills in the Arizona High School Rodeo Association season opener.

Bed tax is worst idea ever

The proposed discriminatory bed tax to fund a police academy is probably the worst tax increase ever proposed by the town of Payson.

Classroom time too valuable to squander

Every minute is precious in the classroom and should be treated accordingly. Over the past 45 years, there has been a growing erosion in regard to the sanctity of classroom time, with the interchange between students and the instructor.

Weinland a credit to Payson

The spirit of the traditions of the greatest generation is alive and well. You have only to look as far as a former neighbor of yours, who today is a soldier at Fort Campbell, Ky. -- Sergeant Joshua M. Weinland.

Developer's benevolence should be commended

This whole water situation raises some puzzling questions for me:

Students learning about civic participation

I am writing to you as part of an assignment in social studies civics class. We are required to learn about government, politics and how to be a responsible citizen.

Renzi sets record straight

In response to the open letter from Sydney Whitley published in the Roundup on Sept. 9, 2005, I think Ms. Whitley is greatly misinformed on several important issues to our nation and rural Arizona. I would like to set the record straight.

Ellis engaged

Nathan T. Ellis, former longtime Payson resident and brother of Samantha Perry, will marry Jennifer Raeoone at 2 p.m. Oct. 8, 2005 at the Manna in the Desert Church in Hesperia, Calif.

No sympathy for convicted pedophile

I am absolutely appalled by the article re David Wilcox. I am outraged that an article in the newspaper in the town that I, and several other parents, have chosen to raise our children in would patronize and try to justify the acts of a convicted pedophile.

Just the facts please

In the Sept. 20 edition of the Roundup, there was a letter to the editor from Fred Carpenter that has resulted in a bit of stir around town and on website blogs. Fred concluded his letter with an apology on behalf of the mayor or town council suggesting that citizens were led to unnecessarily waste their time at a special town council meeting on the evening of Sept. 13, due partly to Roundup misinformation.

Action-packed Homecoming week coming up

For high schools around the nation, Homecoming is more than just a Friday night football game. It is a welcoming back to alumni and a merging of the past and present: a week-long celebration of high school. Payson High School is once again preparing to participate in this tradition, beginning today.

Parenting class starts Wednesday

A bilingual organizational skills class is being hosted at the Parent Resource Center, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 28.

School board meeting set for Monday

There will be a special meeting of the Board of the Payson Unified School District at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 26 at 514 W. Wade Lane.

Water study says Payson needs are 'most immediate'

A study released yesterday by ThinkAZ, a nonpartisan think tank based in Phoenix, warns both rural Arizonans and political leaders to balance growth with water availability.The report presents case studies of the towns of Payson, Buckeye, and Prescott Valley, and their respective ability to meet their citizens' water needs now and in the future.

Payson High teacher tops in state

Teacher earns ride in Fiesta Bowl parade

Payson High now boasts the top teacher in Arizona's rural schools. Anna Van Zile, an English and literature teacher, received the prestigious honor Sept. 17 at the Arizona Rural School Association convention in Prescott.

Where's the money to fix Payson's streets?

Why is it that when Payson elected officials run for office ...

Rim Country matriarch sorely missed

Payson, and Rim Country, lost a living treasure this past week. On Sunday, Sept. 11, a dear friend of mine, Mrs. Margery Brewster Bloomfield, age 85, passed away after a sudden bout with liver and pancreatic cancer. My heart is heavy at the loss of a good friend, who will be irreplaceable not only to me but to others who knew her and loved her.

FEMA critics are part of the problem

Football season is here again. That is, "political football." And the politicians have picked FEMA as their football. They have kicked it every way possible in an effort to score politically. One of the casualties is FEMA director Brown who has been carried off the playing field.

Yoga connects mind and body

Imagine the sensation of walking on a cloud. That's how Jill Morris says her students feel after taking one of her yoga classes.

Dogs grieve for lost ones too


Once again, I am in Massachusetts, but this time it is for the memorial service for my dear brother-in-law, Peter.

Debra Elease Burback

Debra Elease Burback was born Jan. 23, 1953 to Ruben James and Marge Christensen in Pocatello, Idaho. She died Sept. 13, 2005.

Tuesday, September 20

The time is ripe for prickly pears


Drive around the side streets of Payson and the evidence is clear -- there are plenty of flat-padded, grey-green cactus topped in scarlet. It is a bumper year for prickly pears.

Fiddle time in the pines returns to Rim Country


It's fiddle time in the pines. The 35th Annual Old-Time Fiddlers Championship is this weekend.

'Nino' Cochise -- Grandson of the Chiricahua Apache chief


On Oct. 14, 1872, Chief Cochise of the Chiricahua Apaches and General Oliver O. Howard of the United States Army signed a peace treaty. This was to end the fighting between the Chiricahua and the white man.

Down with cell phones


One of my greatest weaknesses as a human being is a propensity to get into fights I can't win.

Monday, September 19

Elsie Ruth Gale

Elsie Ruth Gale died Aug. 22, 2005 of lung cancer. She was born March 23, 1946 in Flagstaff to Rolly and Olive Gale.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Payson High School Parent Teacher Conferences will be held from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 29, in the AC building.

Jose, can you see by the donserly light?

"The Star Spangled Banner" is a difficult song to sing because of the octave and a half range of the music. The Rim Country Middle School chorus has been practicing since the beginning of the school year to learn the words and sing them to the standards of the national anthem code.

Home inspection service gives peace of mind

Daniel Brooks is in the business of providing peace of mind. He owns and operates C.A.L.M. Management Residential Inspections, an acronym created from the first initials of his children's middle names -- Charles, Allen, Lynn and Michael.

Photo Gallery: First home football game 2005

The Roundup presents a collection of photos from the first varsity high school football home opener. The Payson Longhorns humbled the Holbrook Roadrunners 40-0, Friday, Sept 16, 2005. This gallery also includes photos from the half time show.

Homebuying class set for first timers

"Homes for Arizonans" is a program sponsored by the Arizona Department of Housing that makes money available for families to purchase a home.

Fall is in the Rim Country air


"... The days grow short, when you reach September ..." Those words from the classic "September Song" sure are appropriate these days, aren't they?

Soccer, golf tournaments on tap for weekend

Four prep teams are set to participate in the Pioneer Title Agency Soccer Invitational Sept. 23 and 24 on both multipurpose fields at Rumsey Park.

Depleted Lady Horns struggle with Lobos

Challenging any Snowflake sports team is a tough undertaking, but playing the Lobos on their home court without the services of two starters is a confrontation almost impossible to win.

Mavericks retire 1997 uniforms

The first time a Rim Country Middle School eighth-grade football team donned spanking new uniforms was 1997 when players included Waylon Pettet, Taylor Walden, Jake Swartwood and Bryce River.

Tourney fishermen benefit Christian school

Just as the Woods Canyon Lake Trout Tournament marks the unofficial beginning of the trout season in May, the Willow Springs Fall Classic Trout Tournament signals the end of the summer season.

Debra Elease Burback

Debra Elease Burback was born Jan. 23, 1953 to Ruben James and Marge Christensen in Pocatello, Idaho. She died Sept. 14, 2005.

Marcus Charles Bohlman, Jr.

Marcus Charles Bohlman, Jr., 41, of Payson died in Payson Sept. 17, 2005. He was born July 9, 1964 in Phoenix.

Donald H. Bagwell

Donald H. Bagwell of Payson, died Sept. 13, 2005 of congestive heart failure. He was born in Niagara Falls, N.Y., Nov. 25, 1923, the son of John Murray Bagwell and Anna Shenk Bagwell.

Shriners bring circus to town

The Shrine Circus is coming to Payson Wednesday night. The circus starts at 6 p.m, Sept. 21 for one performance only at the Payson Event Center.

Fiddlers bring old-time music to Rim Country

It's fiddle time in the pines. The 35th Annual Old-Time Fiddlers Championship is this weekend at Rumsey Park.

Roadrunners suffer wrath of recovering Horns

The Longhorn football team (2-2 overall, 1-0 in the East), reeling from last week's 56-6 loss to Chandler Seton, rebounded to thump the Holbrook Roadrunners 40-0.

What's up?

Q: Why is there a West Tyler Parkway?

Price hike seems like gouging

Last Monday, (Labor Day, Sept. 5), I drove past a gas station on the Beeline Highway at 10 a.m. and noticed the regular gas was priced at $3.05 a gallon. At 11:15 the same morning, I drove past the same spot and noticed the regular gas was $3.27 a gallon -- just in time to catch the Valley traffic returning from the high country.

Tourism taxes police

Town council and staff engaged in a lively but civil debate with representatives of the Payson hotel industry Thursday evening over raising the bed tax from 3 to 5 percent to fund a police academy.

Payson could be known as Roundabout Town

It's five o'clock in the morning and I am reading the Payson Roundup, Tuesday edition, Sept. 13. Under council agenda item one is the notation that Arizona Department of Transportation will study the possibility of a roundabout at Airport Road and Highway 87.

Teen challenges government definition

In a town council meeting on Aug. 25, 2005, the Payson Town Council voted for Resolution 2098. This resolution allows Payson to pay $750,000 dollars to take water from Star Valley.

Let's plan well and avoid political bloodbath

On Sept. 13, the town council discussed a possible referendum to put the water resolution on the ballot. Unless they plan to rescind the resolution, it would be inappropriate to even discuss the referendum at this time. The reason is that the petitions have not yet been submitted. If the council wants to oppose the referendum, then that would be even more inappropriate.

Shame on coalition for dividing community

After reading letters published by your paper disparaging the Payson town council, Staff, Mike Horton and the development community in general, I am compelled to respond. Having lived and worked in the Payson area for 20 years, I believe I am somewhat familiar with water issues and their impact on our community.

Critics should review community development plan

This letter addresses the concerns of Mr. Poskanzer. Your sentence, "Take this input to heart and appoint a citizens' commission to study the future of Payson, and you will be a hero" has been done. We started our general plan update process in 2001, and it was voter approved in September 2003.

Tonto Basin firefighters working in Gulf area

On Tuesday, Sept. 6, Captain Alan Ross and Stormi Ewing left to aid in relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Both are firefighters and emergency medical technicians for the Tonto Basin Fire District.

Item was never on the agenda

I am concerned about an article that appeared in the Sept. 13 issue of the Payson Roundup concerning a town council meeting scheduled for that evening.

Young sexual abuse victim speaks out

I just finished reading the very disturbing content on the cover page of the Tuesday, Sept. 13 Payson Roundup. I want to tell David Wilcox that no sex offender will ever be able to "pay the price" for what they have done.

County creates brochure for cultural attractions

Libraries and cultural attractions are the focus of a comprehensive brochure being prepared by Gila County.

PCCS menus

The following menus are planned for the Payson Community Christian School for Sept. 21 through Sept. 27:

More than 1,900 sign referendum petition

The Committee for Community-Based Growth submitted petitions Monday morning bearing the signatures of more than 1,900 Payson voters requesting that the council decision to buy Star Valley water be put to a town-wide vote.

Roundup brings home state's top newspaper honor

The Payson Roundup was named nondaily Arizona Newspaper of the Year by the Arizona Newspapers Association for the seventh consecutive year. The paper was selected from among 85 nondaily state newspapers.

Animals inspire healing

Hope was not whispered on Saturday. Hope was shouted at a place where children and adults with challenges can experience the outdoors and bond with animals who also have special needs.

PHS drama season opens with rollicking romance

The Payson High School Drama Department kicks off its 2005-2006 season with a rollicking romantic comedy -- "Maxwell, P.I."

Payson pair returns from hurricane-ravaged area

Watching two children from a family fleeing the ravages of Hurricane Katrina unwrap toys donated by Payson youngsters was the highlight of a relief trip to New Orleans for a pair of Payson Good Samaritans.

Marjorie Marie Landra

Marjorie Marie Landra died Sept. 16, 2005. She was born June 30, 1934 in Michigan, and moved to the Phoenix area in the mid-1950s.

Phillip Dale Fausett

Phillip Dale Fausett, 66, of Tonto Basin, died Sept. 14, 2005 in Phoenix. He was born Aug. 15, 1939 in Price, Utah.

Call to help Uganda's forgotten children

I am 15-year-old Elena Runion. I attend Payson High School, and am involved in Payson First Church of the Nazarene. I have a passion for Uganda, the child soldiers and the horrible crisis going on there.

Thursday, September 15

Trout fishing on Rim waters


Living in Payson gives us the best of two fishing worlds. In less than an hour you can enjoy high-mountain trout in numerous Rim lakes and streams, or conceivably the best bass fishing in the West at Roosevelt Lake.

Coach calls for hard-nosed approach

Lady Longhorn volleyball coach Arnold Stonebrink says his goal is to boost his charges' mental toughness before crucial 3A East region competition tips off in earnest Sept. 20 at Alchesay.

Little store packs big punch

From outside the shop, When Cowboys Dream looks small, but interesting. Step inside and your senses will get a thrilling punch -- there is something spectacular to see everywhere you look.

Soccer teams tasting victory on the road

Winning 3A East region road games have traditionally been tough tasks for small-town Arizona sports teams.

Harold Elburn Wilson

Harold Elburn Wilson, 96, of Payson, died Sept. 11, 2005. He was born June 25, 1909 in Moville, Iowa.

Lionel "Babe" Cecil Charle

Lionel "Babe" Cecil Charle, 89, died Aug. 31, 2005.

Day to promote responsible dog ownership


Responsible Dog Ownership Day, sponsored by the American Kennel Club (AKC), is tomorrow -- Saturday, Sept. 17. Events are being held around the country this month to promote the responsibilities of dog ownership.

Fund-raiser to help schools set

Members of the community of Payson and the Payson Unified School District have been working very hard this past year to improve the appearance of all our schools. Their hard work is already evident at all campuses.

Fate of ‘wild' horses stalls in legal wrangling

Three animal protection groups have joined forces to stop the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest from auctioning 400 "wild" horses, fearing the animals will be purchased for slaughter.

New surroundings no problem for Horns

For the first time in the history of the Payson High cross country program, runners ventured south to Sierra Vista where they competed against Tucson-area teams entered in the Sue Fletcher Invitational.

Bush-Beeline intersection needs change

Thank you for your kindness and patience since our rollover accident on Labor Day, Sept. 5.

Robin T. McCoy

Robin T. McCoy, 44, of Mesa, died Sept. 9, 2005. He was born in Prescott and worked as a radio frequency engineer for Sprint/Nextel.

Fighting for freedom, safety is the answer

I am replying to the letter that Peter Dygert wrote in the Roundup Sept 9. I am Sergeant Joshua M. Weinland, and I lived in Payson for 10 years and graduated from Payson High School in 2001. I joined the United States Army in September 2002. I am now a soldier at Ft. Campbell, Ky.

Payson at a crossroads for police protection

The town of Payson is about to experience what I have termed as a convergence of circumstances regarding the employment of police officers. This convergence is going to happen; there is no stopping it. Here is how it will happen:

Developer creates $100,000 fund to assist Star Valley well conversions

A $100,000 fund has been created to assist Star Valley homeowners in converting from private wells to Brooke Utilities if their wells are adversely impacted by the pumping of water to Payson by local developer G. Michael Horton.

Football fever kicks off in Rim Country

After posting a 4-1 record in season-opening games Sept. 10 at Payson High School, Payson's Central Arizona Youth Football Association teams go on the road for Sept. 17 clashes.

Stiffer fines set to make highways safer for all

Convictions for driving without insurance, driving under the influence and underage consumption now cost more. Legislation creating stiffer fines and penalties -- including revoking driving privileges -- took effect Aug. 12.

Funding for education mandate moves into federal court system

State governments and school districts are joining forces with the National Education Association to file lawsuits against the federal government for not funding the No Child Left Behind law.

Check scam costly

Brandy Cline thought a $1,900 check to help pay taxes on a Canadian lottery prize seemed fishy. So, instead of rushing to the bank, she did some research.

Quilters rendezvous under Mogollon Rim

Celebrating the art of quilting, the first-ever Rim Country Quilt Roundup is coming to Payson Nov. 3, 4 and 5. Now is the time to register for classes and enter quilts in the show's exhibit.

Quilter shares unique technique


Fabric, thread, yarn, silk flowers, beads and netting are combined with a unique technique to create dazzling works of fiber art.

Senior cyclist to ride in benefit tour

At 73 years of age, widowed and with two hip replacements, Bob McGregor is determined to make a difference in the fight against multiple sclerosis by cycling over 150 miles in two days.

Milburns celebrate 50th

Peggy and Mike Milburn celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends Sept. 10.

PAHH to dedicate 10th new house

Payson Area Habitat for Humanity will dedicate its 12th house at 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 25. The four-bedroom house, located at 2502 W. Bulla Dr., was built in partnership with the seven-member Eric Hilgendorf family. PAHH President Charles Proudfoot will emcee the dedication ceremony.

Understanding Payson's development review process


Based on what I've been hearing and reading a lot about lately, there is a great deal of confusion surrounding the process that new subdivisions must complete to receive approval. Let's take a look at the outline -- and remember it's just an outline -- from start to finish.

Young agriculturalists rear prize-winning animals


It was terrific to see all the Pine and Strawberry kids at the fair last weekend. They had rabbits, goats, pigs, poultry, horses and more. Many of them won ribbons.

Mohawk money raised for Katrina Red Cross aid


If you want someone to help you raise money, Jeremy Chester is your man. Last weekend in Christopher Creek Jeremy organized an event called the Mohawk-a-Thon. For every $50 donated, someone in Christopher Creek would get a Mohawk. In three hours, donors contributed $1,600.

Shorts packed in cedar, sweaters in full swing


There is a nip in the air that indicates that fall is not far away. I listened to the weather report this morning on the radio and the announcer reported that there is a good probability of frost above the Rim. Brrrr!

What's up?

Q: What is being built across from the senior apartments on South McLane. AND Q: Earlier this summer several juveniles were cited for a series of burglaries in Tonto Village. What is happening with that case?

Kudos for PRMC

On behalf of my husband, William Seibert, I wish to thank everyone at PRMC, from the doctors, assistants, techs, nurses, and emergency room and registration people, for the excellent care and treatment he received.

Focus on positive events

In regard to some of the critical comments about our president, may I say, simply, "Hogwash!"

Attorney General won't probe EAC-county contract

The Arizona Attorney General's office has turned down the Citizens for a Better Payson Government's request to investigate the April 8, 2005 contract between Eastern Arizona College and the Gila County Provisional Community College Board of Governors.

Margery Genette Brewster Bloomfield

Margery Genette Brewster Bloomfield, 85, died Sept. 11, 2005 in Payson after a short illness.

By-pass is food for thought

Labor Day -- another long weekend and another long, long backup of traffic through Payson. It really is time for the city to seriously consider a by-pass, as much for its own residents as for travelers.

Where are the plants in new landscaping?

My first letter to the editor in my life was published last month in the Payson Roundup recounting the beauty and blessing of living in our community. This, my second letter, is written in outrage at corporate greed.

New oil refineries are needed

Amid all the posturing and finger pointing in Louisiana at the moment, Rep. John Shadegg has made the one concrete proposal that will start to rectify things.

State's new testing requirement for teachers seen as just 'another hoop'

State schools chief Tom Horne's announcement that all of Arizona's new teachers beginning in the 2006-2007 school year must pass a performance test has received a lukewarm reception in Payson.

Refresher needed on roles of local, state, federal governments

After reading the "More than a Cheerleader" letter in Mail Call (Sept. 6), I felt that some folks need to look for factual information and not respond simply on emotion as is often the case. Some facts:

Scott Robert Lucchesi

Scott Robert Lucchesi, 57, of Payson, died Sept. 12, 2005. He was born July 14, 1948 in East Lansing, Mich.

Tuesday, September 13

2005 Pioneer Woman of the Year: Myrtle Pyle Warter


Myrtle Pyle Warter was honored as the Gila County Pioneer Woman of the Year Aug. 17 at the Payson Elks Lodge. The honor was bestowed upon her by the Daughters of the Gila County Pioneers. She was given a plaque, a corsage, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Payson's own portal to parts unknown


Amazing how our lives have revolved around the Beeline/Tyler Parkway roundabout this year.

Official historian, author offers 1920s cookbook


Official town historian and author Jayne Peace-Pyle, recently named as one of the states "Culture Keepers" with her husband Jinx Pyle, is releasing a new book, "Cooking for Zane Grey Under the Tonto Rim" as part of the celebration marking the opening of the replica of Zane Grey's cabin in Green Valley Park.

Historical society fund-raiser will support cabin


With the opening of the Zane Grey cabin just a month away, the annual fund-raising banquet of the Northern Gila County Historical Society takes on added importance.

Monday, September 12

Trio nails down cross country victory

The thundering three of Carlan Pontious, David Cluff and Carlos Lopez paced the Longhorn cross country team to a nail-biting two-point victory over Flagstaff Sinagua.

Fuel costs limit bus services

If the price of gas continues to rise, Payson and Pine-Strawberry School Districts will be forced to make budget cuts and curtail extracurricular programs to keep those yellow school buses rolling.

Maybe people don't belong in Payson

As a former resident of Payson, I wish to register my disgust with the destruction of the bear that wandered into a residential neighborhood.

Head start teaches healthy habits to Pre-Ks

At Payson Head Start children ages 3 to 5 learned more about healthy habits last Tuesday.

Libero shores up back row

What is a libero anyway?

Re-examine those things that 'just ain't so'


When people make claims we doubt, we sometimes ask them to either prove what they're saying or stop saying it. Most of the time they just quit, but every once in a while something quite different happens.

Arguable bed tax to fund academy

Hotel managers are infuriated that the town wants to raise the bed tax from 3 percent to 5 percent to fund a police academy.

Boy Scout troops hold flag retirement services

About 50 people turned out Sunday evening to witness a flag retirement ceremony conducted by Boy Scout Troop 354 to commemorate 9/11 and those who showed valor on that infamous day.

Council's executive session includes Haught-Randall deal

The Payson Town Council is holding an executive session at 6 p.m. Tuesday on its decision to pay George Randall and Roy Haught $750,000 for Star Valley water, but there is disagreement over why.

Convicted sex offender speaks out

David Wilcox looks just like any other cowboy in Payson. He wears a Stetson hat, a goatee -- he stuffs his legs into painted-on Wranglers and snaps on long-sleeved cowboy shirts.

Additional items on the council's agenda Thursday

Besides increasing the bed tax to fund a police academy, a long town council agenda includes two rezoning requests for new subdivisions.

Smokey Bear a goner in Arizona

Smokey Bear is an American legend. Since 1944, the lovable black bear has effectively delivered one of the most recognized advertising phrases in the world -- "Only you can prevent forest fires."

Time to petition AG for decision on county college

As many readers know, legal actions were filed by Citizens for Better Payson Government with the Attorney General for the state of Arizona in May and early June 2005. Two issues are involved:

Bicyclist's kindness appreciated

I want to say thank you to the mystery bicycle rider. On Aug. 31, my dog was hit by a vehicle and left on FS Road 428. Someone riding by on a bicycle noticed her and stopped at the Pine/Strawberry Fire Station to report it.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem

I am getting very tired of people, without knowledge or facts but who have a political agenda, bashing our president for events that are beyond his control.

Parents, programs can't help

In spite of popular belief, the best antidote (remedy or other agent used to neutralize or counteract the effects of a poison) against drug abuse is NOT "a loving parent who is involved in a child's life and sets the example by living drug-free." Parents are fooling themselves with this myth.

Action was not the president's to take

It seems that Ms. Bohlmeyer needs, as do so many others, a short lesson in civics.

Triage is key in timely response

I have just finished watching a segment on television re: Stranded firefighters who traveled from Illinois to help the victims of Katrina. They are playing football while waiting to be assigned a place to help.

Thank you for successful meeting

Thanks for a great men's meeting. Special thanks to Pastor Gordon Hauptman and Promise Keepers speaker Bob Blue for their great messages at the Rim Country Men's Ministry meeting at Crossroads Foursquare Church.

Thanks to friends, paramedics and sheriff

I would like to thank all of Trucker John's friends, and mine, for helping me through a very tough time in my life.

What's up?

Q: In the Tuesday Sept. 6 Roundup Town Manager Fred Carpenter published a column telling your readers that water used at Chaparral Pines is not Payson Water, but water from outside Payson. Why didn't he mention that the water they use actually comes from Star Valley? AND Q: I heard Pat Johnson has resigned from the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce. Is that true?

Hospice volunteers comfort dying, support families

Hospice volunteers say they have the special privilege of witnessing the end of a person's life -- they echo similar sentiments of reverence when they speak of the lives they touch.

Wanda Fay Besey

Wanda Fay Besey, 71, of Payson, died Sept. 9, 2005 in Mesa.

Sheriff's Office investigates road-rage incident

A single shot was fired in a suspected road-rage incident off Houston Mesa Road late Monday afternoon. The Gila County Sheriff's Office investigation is ongoing, but a few details were available at press time.

Find out about volunteer police work

Learn about how the average citizen can help the Payson Police Department at an orientation meeting for the Police Volunteer program tonight.

Identification for vehicles provided

As part of its "Watch Your Car" program, the Payson Police Department is offering to etch VIN numbers into the window of your vehicle.

Children hurt in ATV wreck

Bradley Pickering, 48, of Phoenix, was arrested for driving under the influence, assault and four counts of endangerment after wrecking an all-terrain vehicle.

What happened in Chandler?

A quick glance at game statistics is all it takes to explain the Longhorn football team's 56-6 loss Sept. 9 to homestanding Chandler Seton Catholic.

Depleted roster disappointing for Lady Horns

Veteran coach Chuck Hardt can only be wondering "what if" after watching his Lady Longhorn cross country team post a no-score in a Sept. 7 season opening four-way meet.

Emergency crews aid hurricane survivors

Seven emergency service workers have left the Rim Country to help in the Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts.

Lady Horns drop game to Holbrook

A 2-1 loss to the Holbrook Roadrunners wasn't the way Lady Longhorn volleyball coach Arnold Stonebrink wanted to tip off the 3A East season.

Opener a great success

A successful season-opening day has Payson Youth Football Association President Scott Geske forgetting about the troublesome burdens he sometimes must shoulder.

Olde tyme auction nets almost $8,000

Mogollon Health Alliance held its fourth Annual Charity Olde Tyme Auction and Appraisal Fair Saturday, Sept. 10. The event raised $7,744.70, said Judy Baker, executive director of MHA.

Radio quiz will spur memories


Ah, the golden age of radio! Who could ever forget listening to shows such as "Little Theater Off Times Square," "Fibber McGee and Molly," "The Shadow" and the "Jack Benny Show?"

Planned Humanitarian Day to benefit Katrina victims

On Saturday, Sept. 17, from 9 a.m to noon, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, located on Ponderosa Street and Aero Drive, will host a community "Hearts and Hands Humanitarian Day."

Thursday, September 8

Anti-war movement not going away

While camped outside his Texas ranch, Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, has been a real thorn in President Bush's political side. She's now left Camp Casey and taken her anti-war campaign on the road. There are rallies planned in major U.S. cities culminating with a march on Washington, D.C.

Local fair returns to Rim Country

Summer highlight for young and old is ‘homegrown, homemade, old-fashioned'

The Northern Gila County Fair is returning to the Rim Country this weekend. After many years at the helm, Walt and Willene Smith decided that they could no longer do it and for two years, there was no fair.

Golfer realizes lifelong dream

Title 9 gives golfer a chance for greatness

Sixty-year-old Joanne Travis is just now realizing the dream of a lifetime -- to participate in the United States Golf Association Senior Women's Amateur Championship.

Christopher Creek residents bid summer farewell and plan for fall

I could not resist this picture of Chief J.R. Alliger of Tonto Village. Jack Kalmar took this great shot of him during the "Sweeten the Chief Pie Throwing Contest."

Beaver Valley Fire Department shows off new trucks

The Beaver Valley Fire Department has added another important piece of fire protection equipment to the complement serving Rim Country. It's the department's new 3,000 gallon tender/pumper truck.

Pot growers engage hunters in shootout

$200 million worth of marijuana plants eradicated in local forests this year

Bear hunters and at least three Mexican nationals overseeing a marijuana garden exchanged gunfire after the hunters accidentally stumbled upon the illegal pot fields.

Agnes E. Graves (1927-2005)

Agnes (Aggie) Elizabeth Graves of Tonto Basin, died Sept. 6, 2005. She was born Dec. 29, 1927 in Denver, Colo. to Joseph M. and Margaret G. Cassidy.

Fair a time to compete, visit, learn in family atmosphere

After a two-year absence, the Northern Gila County Fair is returning to the Rim Country this weekend. The fair is a place where people can gather to compete in agricultural, homemaking and leisure-time hobbies, to recognize and encourage excellence, and to visit friends and enjoy themselves in a family atmosphere.

News flash for elected officials

A flash for Mayor Barbara Brewer and council members who have similar vision. Payson is a hot bed of old, crotchety, hard-of-hearing, absent-minded, toothless, half-blind, senile, shortsighted, has beens.

Enjoy the Northern Gila County Fair this weekend

The Northern Gila County Fair will be held Sept. 9, 10 and 11 at the Payson Event Center and the Tonto Apache Gym, located on opposite sides of Highway 87, 1/2 mile south of town.

4th annual Olde Tyme Auction and Appraisal Fair Saturday

Mogollon Health Alliance is hosting its fourth annual Charity Olde Tyme Auction and Appraisal Fair Saturday, Sept. 10 from 8 a.m. to noon.

Game and Fish policy mandated killing bear

Local Arizona Game and Fish personnel were following department policy when they destroyed the 200-pound black bear captured near Rumsey Park last Friday.

McDonald's closes to rebuild

Restaurant closing for three months

One of Payson's fast food icons is taking a break for the next three months. The town's McDonald's will close at 1 a.m., Sunday, Sept. 11 for demolition so that a new, larger restaurant can be built.

Sisters survive hurricane's wrath

‘Katrina changed all of us'

Sisters Rachel and Rikki Ray sat four agonizing days in their sweltering Hammond, La. condominium wondering whether Hurricane Katrina's wrath had finally ended.

Patriot Day ceremonies set

Boy Scout Troop 354 will honor those who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks by holding a flag retirement ceremony Sunday evening. The Payson Patriotic Events Committee is also planning a two-phase Sept. 11 commemoration, said organizer Bill Sahno, retired U.S. Marine Corps colonel.

RCMS collects a little change for big changes

Students in Michelle Gibbar's classes at Rim Country Middle School held a school-wide fund-raiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Students earned more than $700 for the Salvation Army and Food for the Hungry.

Banquet celebrates Rim Country heritage

The famous Western novelist's cabin was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, and by the 1980s it was attracting 20,000 visitors a year. Grey, who penned more than 60 Westerns, spent each fall at the cabin during the 1920s. He set 24 of his books in Arizona and half of those in the Rim Country.

Fire crews hard at work to reduce fuels

The Big Labor Day weekend is over once again. There certainly were a lot of people milling around Pine and Strawberry. The traffic was unbelievable. It seems that not too many people worried about the price of gas. The businesses in Pine and Strawberry must have done very well.

Have your aura photographed and read Sept. 10 and 24

Alternative and ancient practices to improve health and well-being are becoming more available in Payson.

Close call at the crossing

Poetry Corner

I try and think not,of old days. As when we fought, and yelled.

Longtime Rim residents celebrate golden anniversary

Dick and Pat Watson celebrate 50 years of marriage

Dick and Pat Watson have been in the Rim Country about 35 years. Men and women who attended Julia Randall Elementary School in the 1970s, when it was Payson's only elementary school, will remember Dick Watson as one of their teachers.

Lester W. Oltersdorf (1922-2005)

Lester W. Oltersdorf, 82, of Pine died Sept. 6, 2005 in Scottsdale. He was born Oct. 15, 1922 in Detroit, Mich.

Colonel Robert E. Gardner (1934-2005)

Robert E. Gardner, 71, died in East Verde Park Thursday, Sept. 8, 2005.

LaVerne R. Cheek (1917-2005)

LaVerne Ruby Cheek, 88, of Payson, died Sunday, Sept. 4, 2005. She was born in Joplin, Mo., the youngest child of Harry and Bessie Wisor.

Help for Katrina survivors grows

Working together with the local chapter of the American Red Cross, the Time Out Thrift Shop will hold a "bag sale plus" next week.

What's Up

Q: Does the town have an ordinance regarding homeowners cutting down large ponderosa pines that are alive and well? Are there any consequences?

Haircut benefits children with long-term medical hair loss

When Jamie Ludtke saw Locks of Love featured on "The Montel Williams Show," her heart went out to children who had lost their hair due to disease.

Enforce the dress code

I am a student at Rim Country Middle School. I am concerned about the dress code. There are a lot of students that don't obey the dress code.

Global warming -- fact or fiction?

William Gray, the foremost well-known and respected atmospheric scientific researcher, in an interview published in September 2005 Discover Magazine, comments in his article that he does not assume the politically correct position of the supposedly well-educated, mainstream media and some scientists.

Time to account for money

This is an open letter to Congressman Rick Renzi. This week the Gulf area of our country was hit by Hurricane Katrina. This is not a surprise. It is hurricane season.

No call to Game and Fish in the future

I was present at the tranquilizing of the bear on Bronco Circle last Friday morning. I helped carry the bear from where it fell to the Game and Fish trailer, because the trailer was parked in my driveway.

Separate facts from opinion

This is in reference to Dave Engleman's letter in the Aug. 30 issue of the Payson Roundup. Mr. Kuenzli was not shot for "playing" with his dogs in the forest; he was shot for threatening the life of Mr. Fish, who was acting in self-defense, a right granted by Arizona statutes, among others.

Bush has other priorities

What makes me upset is that President Bush could care less about the people of the USA and cares more for getting money to other countries and the war. We have a tragedy that has occurred from the hurricane and Bush doesn't care.

No holiday for disaster victims

Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans said it all and I quote, "I am pissed!" The response to Katrina has not matched the scope of this disaster. I am an emergency registered nurse signed up for disaster mobilization with the Red Cross.

Stirring up the Payson art scene

Arts revival

The Payson art scene has taken on a new dimension with the recent arrival of Jay and Kasandra LeBow. The LeBows are longtime gallery owners, art collectors and dealers who relocated from the Valley, bringing with them several concepts for integrating the Rim Country's business and art communities.

Resident recalls Payson of yesteryear

Payson People

If you meet Terri Luke, you might not suspect that she earns half her living selling authentic Chicago hot dogs.

Tonto Village bustles with activities

Can you feel it? There is a cool wind blowing through the air. Can the fall season be far away? I listened to the weather report this morning and it sounded promising for cool weather by the end of this week. Pretty soon the leaves will be turning their beautiful reds, gold and orange colors. Fall is a favorite time of year for me. Tonto Village looks so festive during the fall.

Soccer bog

Longhorn soccer player Justin Shuman (No. 3) injured his ankle on a muddy field during a 5-0 loss to Round Valley in the Elks Invitational Tournament held Sept. 3 in Eagar-Springerville.

Drug use is a social problem

I admit that your story on the dangers and effects of meth was extremely heartbreaking. The before and after pictures will forever haunt me. I know firsthand the effects this drug has on a person and their family. The pictures do not lie.

Longhorn cross country team Sierra Vista bound

The 20-member Longhorn cross country team will travel Sept. 9 to Sierra Vista where the boys will participate, for the first time, in the Sue Fletcher Classic.

Noted Western artist opens mini-gallery

While newcomers Jay and Kasandra LeBow are stirring up the art scene, noted local artist Conrad Okerwall has been creating Western masterpieces in Payson since retiring here in 1988.

Lady Longhorns dump Estrella Foothills 2-1

Fresh off a runner-up showing in the consolation bracket of the Payson Invitational Volleyball Tournament, the Lady Longhorns returned to the court Sept. 6 to dump homestanding Estrella Foothills 2-1.

New horse turns in winning speed

Amber Marshall is a teen on the move. Her family has relocated from Jake's Corner to the Tilting H Ranch near Young, where she's home-schooled and she's riding a new horse that has her scooting along to some impressive barrel racing times.

Young athletes punt, pass, kick NFL style

Aspiring football players 8 to 15 years old will have the opportunity Sept. 16 to showcase their gridiron skills in a national competition and watch the Longhorns' home opener against the Holbrook Roadrunners.

Archery hunting a great way to hunt

Archery deer season is in full swing and it's a great opportunity to spend time in the woods if you didn't draw a rifle tag. You can purchase an over-the-counter archery deer or turkey tag and be hunting big game.

New columnist no stranger to Payson residents

Having coach Dennis Pirch on board at the Payson Roundup as an outdoor columnist will be a huge treat for our readers.

Building supplies soar in wake of Katrina

The rising cost of gas in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is just the beginning of the fallout consumers are likely to see in coming months. Katrina will impact the building industry, insurance rates and some grocery supplies.

Tuesday, September 6

I could write a book


This writer named Jim Green has penned an article on writing your own book. He begins thus: "There is an age-old adage that is as true today as when it was first mooted: ‘Everyone has at least one good book in them.'"

The heritage of W.E. Childers


I was about 6 years old when I asked my dad, Gene Pyle, to tell me about my great-grandad Childers.

Cook it quick and make memories

IN THE KITCHEN with Family Features

Having a couple of fast and tasty dishes in your personal recipe file is the perfect solution for dinner on a day that didn't go too well and you have tried every takeout dish in town -- two or three times.

Homegrown fair returns to northern Gila County


County fairs are a hallmark of old-fashioned fun. They are also a cornerstone in the creation of a community.

Monday, September 5

Jeep winner announced

Greg and Wendy Pruett of Phoenix, who own property in the Payson area, won a 2005 Jeep that was raffled by Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty as a fund-raiser for Habitat for Humanity.

Winslow Bulldogs breach Horns' offense

The heroics of senior speedster Luke Apfel weren't enough to stymie a determined Winslow Bulldog team that turned big plays into a 34-21 win over the Payson Longhorns.

Cross country meet unites talented runners in Payson

Longhorn track and field teams will make their much-anticipated season debut Sept. 7 at Payson Golf Course with a boys' roster heavy with talented veterans, and a girls' team with just three members.

Defending state runner-up drills Lady Longhorns

Defending state runner-up Ganado High School proved to be a thorn in the Lady Longhorns' side during the two days of the Payson Invitational Volleyball Tournament.

Tournament gives boys soccer valuable experience

A second-place finish in the second flight of the Round Valley Invitational might have been the Longhorn boys soccer team's immediate reward, but it was the experience of four games in two days that could pay big dividends later in the season.

Top pay does not guarantee best advice

Prior to the start of the infamous Aug. 26 town council meeting, I completed a "sign in" sheet -- a request to address the council -- at 4:15 p.m. I handed the request to an assistant town clerk, who promised to give it to the mayor prior to the meeting. I did not leave the building at any time from then until after 8 p.m. I was not recognized, or allowed to speak in spite of the fact that my written request was submitted, plus the fact that I raised my hand repeatedly but was ignored by the mayor.

Drug Court gives fresh start to juveniles

Gila County Juvenile Drug Court is a last chance to stop addicted youths from entering the Arizona Department of Corrections.

26,000 pounds of donated supplies head to Katrina disaster area

The lawn at 405 E. Evergreen St. looked more like a disaster relief shelter Monday than a private residence as Paysonites continue to rally and mobilize in efforts to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Bear found near Rumsey Park destroyed

Game and Fish decision questioned by neighbors

A 200-pound black bear that wandered into a residential area near Rumsey Park was euthanized by Arizona Game and Fish personnel Friday.

Investigators recommend no charges in fatal accident

Payson Police Commander Don Engler will not face charges in a fatality accident in which the trailer he was pulling broke free, killing a Valley man, if the Maricopa County Attorney accepts the recommendation of the Scottsdale Police Department.

Maybe illustration would help

I hate to keep reliving this roundabout thing, but the last two times I was driving from the south and following the correct signs to turn west into The Home Depot the drivers from the north breezed right through the yield sign and almost picked me off.

Parents, families best antidote against drug abuse

Anyone who has held the hand of a loved one struggling to overcome drug abuse knows the toughest battles take place outside the courtroom.

Overmans celebrate anniversary

Melissa L. and Chad A. Overman celebrated their first wedding anniversary Sept. 4, 2005.

Bryson James Titus-Zimmerschied

Bryson James Titus-Zimmerschied was born June 21, 2005 to Tom Titus and Starla Zimmerschied.

Republican Women award scholarship

The Northern Gila Republican Women's Club awarded a $500 scholarship to Mandy Randall, daughter of Vernon and Wanda Randall of Payson.

Online criminal justices courses offered

Gila County Community College and Eastern Arizona College have teamed to offer several online criminal justice courses for the 2005-06 school year.

Pine students discover animal skeletons

Sixth-grade science students in Pine know that without a skeleton they would be like the blob or a single-celled organism. "If I didn't have a skeleton I'd be all wobbly," teacher Stacy Horsley said as she suddenly slumped on the floor.

Ernest Eric Papenhausen

Ernest Eric Papenhausen, 56, died at the Payson Care Center Aug. 31, 2005. He was born in Long Branch, N.J., July 28, 1949.

Leonard L. Couch

Leonard L. Couch, 85, died Aug. 31, 2005 in Payson. Couch was born June 19, 1920 in Twin Hills, Okla.

Clinic offered to help control the pet population

Low-cost spay and neuter surgeries will again be offered in Payson by the Arizona Humane Society's mobile clinic. The clinic will be held for three days-Tuesday, Sept. 13 through Thursday, Sept. 15 in the Bashas' parking lot.

Rim Country duo named 'Culturekeepers'

Pair honored for contributions to preserving state's culture, history and tradition

Payson residents Jayne Peace and Jinx Pyle are among 10 Arizonans named Culturekeepers for 2005 in recognition of their contributions to the preservation of the state's culture, history and tradition.

Gardeners appreciate rain, prepare for coming winter


How the weeds have grown after all this wonderful rain. We were promised a relatively dry monsoon this year, but luckily, those forecasts have been proven wrong.

Your Silk Garden offers flowers for the growing impaired

Lots of lovely gardens dot the Rim Country, but not everyone has a green thumb. For those would-be gardeners who have brown thumbs, attempts at gardening are pots of dirt with dead stems.

Pine, Strawberry bustle with Labor Day fare

High gas prices don't stop Valley visitors

Gas prices soaring past $3 a gallon didn't deter Valley visitors from making their annual holiday trek to the Pine-Strawberry Labor Day Arts and Crafts Festival.

Athletes rave about Special Olympics

Payson Special Olympic athletes, families, coaches and volunteers have issued a huge thank you to The Tonto Apache Tribe for its recent donation of more than $23,000.

Horse competitions delayed for fair

The Payson Parks and Recreation Department will not host barrel racing or pole bending Sept. 7, but instead will use the time to set up the Payson Event Center for the Northern Gila County Fair.

Golf courses not watered with town wells

There continues to be confusion regarding the sources of water for the golf courses at Chaparral Pines and the Rim Club.

You get what you pay for

To paraphrase an old Neil Diamond song money doesn't sing or dance, but it does talk loudly in our society. Almost all measures of influence, prestige and power in our culture are measured in dollars, whether fairly or not, whether beneficial or not.

Biofuels are the answer

As mobile creatures, humans must go places. Our mobility is dear to us. But, what happens when we lose our ability to roam the earth? Believe it or not, this is happening to us as we speak. Not because we are genetically changing and unable to walk, but because of avarice.

People needed more than a cheerleader

All day on Aug. 29, the day before Katrina struck land, I kept expecting President Bush to put some emergency evacuation procedures in place for New Orleans and other cities that might be affected by this hurricane.

Time to speak out in Mail Call

I have pondered about using "Mail Call" to express my opinions concerning the Star Valley-Diamond Point water issues, but as someone has already said, "Enough is enough." Yes, it is about water. And, yes, it is truly a moral issue.

What's up?

Q: The week of Aug. 22 the north end of McLane was paved where it meets Houston Mesa Road, stopping two houses short of Johnson. I drive on the north end of McLane daily. It was all ready smooth. Why was it paved? AND Q: Tim Fruth said he had a conflict of interest at (a recent) council meeting, what is it? AND Q: I heard there was a new taxi company in town. I would love to have that phone number but I can't locate it.

Dude Fire remembered

A refurbished memorial was dedicated Saturday, Sept. 3 to the six firefighters who lost their lives in the Dude fire of 1990.

Verbal confrontation evolves into knife fight

A verbal confrontation between two men in the 1200 block of N. Ponderosa Circle turned into a knife fight Wednesday Aug. 31. Gun shots were fired in an effort to stop the brawl.

Two weekend rollovers tie up traffic

Two different rollovers on Rim Country roads during the Labor Day weekend kept the Payson office of the Department of Public Safety alert.

Doctor, wife injured in collision at Beeline, Bush highways

A Payson physician and his wife were injured when their vehicle was hit at the intersection of Beeline and Bush highways.

Reader appreciates excellent photos

Your online photos of the Payson rodeo were excellent. Really top quality.

Thursday, September 1

What's up?

Q: What is the renovation activity going on at the fire station on Main Street?

Labor Day Bash big news for Tonto Village


The biggest news in Tonto Village is our big Labor Day Bash this coming Saturday, Sept. 3, 2005. All the fun and food will begin at the Tonto Village Chapel at 11 a.m. The brats and hot dogs will be firing up on the grill and all the trimmings will be ready, along with our bake sale and the silent auction being sponsored by our good neighbors, the Christopher Creek Firebelles will be in full swing.

Labor Day activities on tap in mountain communities


Want something to do this Labor Day weekend? Head over to Tonto Village for their annual Labor Day weekend celebration.

Free classes open to adults beginning this fall

The Arizona Department of Public Safety, Payson Police Department, and Gila County Sheriff's Office are hosting a Law Enforcement Citizens Academy this fall.

Payson man named president of state insurance association

Scott Crabdree, of Payson-based Crabdree Insurance and Financial Services, has been named the 70th president of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers (IIAB) of Arizona. Crabdree will serve a one-year term as president after having acted four years on the IIAB of Arizona's executive committee and board of directors.

Upgraded wireless services blanket Rim Country

Sprint Nextel Corp. has expanded its services in the Rim Country. AZ Spectrum Wireless, owned by Cindy and Andrew Kofile, is the Payson dealership for the corporation.

Cucina Paradiso part of national campaign

Rim Country fans of television's Biography and History channels may be surprised to see a national advertising campaign featuring Payson's Cucina Paradiso and its pizza.

Fall ball now a Longhorn staple

High school baseball player Jason Sweet is convinced an off season program is the key to turning around the Longhorn baseball program.

Lady Longhorns head for tournament

It's out of the season-opening frying pan and into tournament fire for the Lady Longhorn volleyball team.

Cross country team seeks volunteers

Longhorn cross country coach Chuck Hardt is in need of volunteer help for a season-opening meet to be held Sept. 7 at Payson Golf Course.

Gila fair to feature ranch horse show

The final of three Open Ranch Horse summer competitions is now a part of the Northern Gila County Fair and will be held Sept. 11 at the Payson Event Center. Competition begins at 10 a.m.

Billie Mellor

Billie Mellor, 75, of Payson, died in Phoenix Aug. 24, 2005 following a long hospitalization. She was born in Ada, Okla., on July 19, 1930, and moved to Prescott in 1991, and then to Payson in 1998 following the death of her husband, Van Mellor.

Joyce Nightingale Jones

Joyce Nightingale Jones, 83, a part-time resident of Payson, died Aug. 28, 2005. She was born Jan. 10, 1922 in St. Ansgar, Iowa, to Noble Nightingale and Grace Colbertson.

Billy Junior Blue

Billy Junior Blue, 79, of Payson, died Friday, Aug. 26, 2005 of sudden cardiac arrest. He was born and reared in Protection, Kan., the youngest son of W.C. and Josephine Blue.

Removing noxious weeds would save water

Well, the town of Payson finally aroused me to question the stability of someone who apparently must be in charge of doling out funds to developers.

Parks and recreation dept. pride of town

During the 2005 Payson Little League season, our league experienced an unprecedented level of success. The 11-12-year-old division all-stars advanced to the district championships, and the 9-10 year-old division all-stars went undefeated in area and district play and advanced to the state championship tournament.

Compromise is a better solution

It saddens me that the views in the Roundup were so one-sided on the off-road-vehicle issue.

Prayer should not be political statement

Since 1976 when I moved to Arizona, I have been a fan of Payson Rodeos -- particularly the "August Doin's." I've missed a handful of fall rodeos, but my enjoyment and support have been continuous for all 29 years.

Citizens want to be heard

On Aug. 25, more than 300 citizens attended Payson town council meeting concerned about resolution 2098, which authorizes the town of Payson to take water out of Star Valley and pipe it to Payson's water system to support new development. They also authorized a rezoning request that is dependent on additional new water.

Status quo not a bad thing

In the past few weeks there have been some very heated discussions and meetings regarding the town of Payson and Diamond Star Water Coalition. Having been previously involved in local city government, I have to say that I feel sorry for Payson's city council and their mayor.

National Guard should be at home

Because so much help is needed for those crippled by the hurricane, we have to ask "Where are the National Guard and their resources?" Speaking for the Mississippi National Guard, Lt. Andy Thaggard said: "Missing the personnel is the big thing in this particular event. We need our people."

Rim Country gas prices top $3 gallon

If you see gasoline being sold for less than $3 a gallon over the next few days -- fill 'er up. Hurricane Katrina has knocked out refineries and severed pipelines along the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, which supply about a third of the country's gas, according to a CNBC online report.

PHS grads have close encounter with Katrina

Nina Ray called upon on a mother's love to buoy her during what she calls one of the toughest ordeals of her life. Ray's anguish began Aug. 29 after Hurricane Katrina plowed into the Gulf Coast states, sparking one of the worst disasters in the nation's history.

Hurricane Katrina's impact hits home

Everyone can contribute something to relief efforts

Payson residents are mobilizing to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama earlier this week.

Leonard L. Couch (1920-2005)

Leonard L. Couch, 85, died Aug. 31, 2005 in Payson. Couch was born June 19, 1920 in Twin Hills, Okla. He served in the U.S. Army from 1946 to 1949, then in the Air Force Reserves from 1949 to 1952.

Bulthuis, Bowling wed

Ryan Bowling, son of Bill and Sandy Bowling of Payson, and Alisha Bulthuis, daughter of Brian and Dianne Bulthuis of Flagstaff, were married May 27, 2005, in Kauai, Hawaii.

Local help a calm in eye of the storm

Devastation and despair flash before our eyes from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The images are almost unbelievable and many of us feel a burning desire to help. Our children and grandchildren feel it, too.

Town's glacial pace to develop new water supplies prompted water deal


In the late 90s, the town of Payson commissioned a water study of the area that concluded, in part, that the town's aquifer has a safe-yield water supply of 1,826 acre-feet of water per year. This means that as long as the town's use of its groundwater annually averages 1,826 acre-feet of water or less, natural processes will replenish the underground supply.

Coach transitions to newspaper columnist


There is something about the outdoors, a fishable body of water and your favorite rod and reel in your hands that will make for an enjoyable outing.

Negative effects of meth are crystal clear

Methamphetamine, either as powder or crystalline chunks, is a highly addictive stimulant that can be smoked, snorted, injected or taken orally.

Supervisor cracks down on meth's main ingredient: cold medicine

A child's story prompted Gila County District 1 Supervisor Tommie Martin to create a plan to deal with the methamphetamine problem in northern Gila County.

Focused Future II has a plan

Analysis ends, implementation phase begins

The Focused Future II program has a new vision for Payson. Residents and community leaders spent many hours this past year creating a guide for the town's future development.

'Closed council' prompts referendum

A group of Payson residents who say they're outraged at the town's hypocrisy launched a referendum petition drive to stop the town council from taking water out of Star Valley.

Weekend festivities have something for everyone


The big Labor Day weekend is here and there will be plenty to see and do in Pine and Strawberry to keep everyone entertained and full of great food.

Longhorns head north to Winslow

A prep football visit to Winslow during the tenure of Arizona Coaches Association Hall of Fame coach Emil Nasser would usually have meant a bus ride home mourning an "L".