National Guard Should Be At Home



Because so much help is needed for those crippled by the hurricane, we have to ask "Where are the National Guard and their resources?" Speaking for the Mississippi National Guard, Lt. Andy Thaggard said: "Missing the personnel is the big thing in this particular event. We need our people."

According to the Washington Post, the Mississippi National Guard "has a brigade of more than 4,000 troops in central Iraq" while "Louisiana also has about 3,000 Guard troops in Baghdad."

National Guard troops don't belong in Iraq. They should be rescuing and protecting people in Louisiana and Mississippi, not patrolling and killing in a country that was invaded on the basis of deception. They should be fighting the effects of flood waters at home -- helping people in the communities they know best -- not battling Iraqi people who want them to go away.

Bring the National Guard home. Contact your elected leaders. Please.

Ed Blair, Payson

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