Status Quo Not A Bad Thing



In the past few weeks there have been some very heated discussions and meetings regarding the town of Payson and Diamond Star Water Coalition. Having been previously involved in local city government, I have to say that I feel sorry for Payson's city council and their mayor.

I truly do not believe that any of them are influenced in their decision making by anything other than guidance from their city attorney and their city manager. More than anyone else it is these two who are the professionals and are paid to guide the city council in a method that is legal and proper. What we see as proper and what we are not privy to see is at the very least two different things. I feel sorry for those who have given their time and effort to do something for their town and their payback is a bunch of hostile people trying to sway their decisions.

That being said -- and me being a person who finds himself in the middle of trying to smooth out the rough edges between feuding factors -- I suggest that the town of Payson take a couple of steps back and observe. Survey your constituents. See what direction they want the town of Payson to go. Growth is good if you can support it, and it is bad when you cannot without upsetting your neighbor. Perhaps the answer is doing nothing more, for a period of time, other than polishing what you have and making it beautiful again. Fix the streets. Solidify your relationships with your neighbors and place a moratorium on the building of anything other than business and single-family residences until you have a better handle on our situation and our resources. Quality of life can be attained without turning this beautiful area into another Scottsdale or Fountain Hills.

Tim Bradley, Star Valley

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