Upgraded Wireless Services Blanket Rim Country


Sprint Nextel Corp. has expanded its services in the Rim Country. AZ Spectrum Wireless, owned by Cindy and Andrew Kofile, is the Payson dealership for the corporation.

Sprint and AZ Spectrum are introducing Sprint's signature four-in-one technology, which includes digital cellular voice, walkie-talkie service, Mobile Messaging and Wireless Web.


Cindy and Andy Kofile, owners of AZ Spectrum Wireless, are now offering the latest in wireless service, including Global Positioning System capacity, through the Sprint Nextel Corp.

The Kofiles launched the arrival of the new service with an open hours Aug. 25.

"The coverage is really good," Cindy Kofile said.

"The additional services are excellent tools that have not been available before for businesses."

She said she hopes to work with real estate agents in the area to make the Multiple Listing Service available through the upgraded wireless technology.

"It can make business much more efficient," she said.

The digital walkie-talkie service offered allows for instant (less than a second) communication across thousands of miles with the push of a button.

Kofile said she has "road" tested the equipment throughout the Rim County to assure her customers will have good, reliable service.

"With what we had before, interior transmissions were sometimes difficult, with this, there is no problem at all," she said.

Several corporate representative participated in the Kofiles' open house.

"Individuals and businesses in Payson demand efficient means of communicating with their families, friends, customers and employees, and Sprint offers the services to meet those needs," said Suzanna Reina, Sprint's director of indirect sales in Arizona.

As part of the open house, Sprint contributed $1,000 to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Gila County.

"We will be using the money to get our school-based mentor program started," said Susan Williams, director of the program. The new BBBS project will start at Julia Randall Elementary School on Sept. 6.

The Kofiles also had two vehicles from Phoenix International Raceway at the event and invited guests to have their pictures taken with them.

AZ Spectrum Wireless is at the corner of West Frontier Street and McLane Road, just above West Main Street. For more information, call Kofile at (928) 238-0044.

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