Biofuels Are The Answer



As mobile creatures, humans must go places. Our mobility is dear to us. But, what happens when we lose our ability to roam the earth? Believe it or not, this is happening to us as we speak. Not because we are genetically changing and unable to walk, but because of avarice.

The Bush administration is making us more dependent on oil so that they can stuff oil profits in their already-fat pockets. They oppose a higher standard to minimum gas mileage on cars. And, they are not looking into a viable alternative to oil: biofuels.

Hydrogen technology becoming common is still a few decades away, but biofuels are here today and being used all over the world.

They burn cleaner in our atmosphere. And, here's the best part: Our cars today can still run efficiently with up to 10 percent biofuels in our regular gasoline without any mechanic alterations.

At this point, if we Americans had biofuels introduced into our gasoline, we would save billions of dollars on oil and be less dependent on oil-producing countries.

But, that for the good of the country's economy and the world's environment, we deprive Bush and his ilk of a few million dollars.

Alicia Baker, Bloomington, Ind.

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