Time To Speak Out In Mail Call



I have pondered about using "Mail Call" to express my opinions concerning the Star Valley-Diamond Point water issues, but as someone has already said, "Enough is enough." Yes, it is about water. And, yes, it is truly a moral issue.

First, the town of Payson should never have negotiated with a developer for the "purchase" of water that was to be supplied from property within another community. Such action gives the developer the rights from the town of Payson to build three new subdivisions within the town limits. This action is a deviation from pure, moral ethics.

The town of Payson should have never even thought of new subdivisions, not having sufficient water to operate those subdivisions from a town supply of water. Nor should they have accepted this type of offer to sell a very large supply of water from another community's ground water supply -- even possibly endangering the continuance of many, possibly all, of Star Valley's and Diamond Point's residential and business water wells.

In addition, no new water supply for operating three new subdivisions was available, or probably expected, for a probable 20 years from Blue Ridge Reservoir. Payson should have waited until "ethical and moral" water could be delivered before making such agreements.

In my opinion, all understanding of moral issues and ethics has been cast aside for the obtaining of new subdivisions, which should have waited until Blue Ridge Reservoir completed the water supply allowance to the town of Payson.

The town of Payson has never guaranteed that the drilling of the probable several, or more, wells would not affect the water level of wells in Star Valley and Diamond Point. That possibility is quite real. What (becomes) of our property values and water supplies in Star Valley and Diamond Point?

Without a Star Valley, and without a Diamond Point community, it could prove very detrimental to Payson, as well as to the residents and property owners of both of these "also growing" communities.

The Payson town council will have this action that they have taken as a deep blemish on their records if they continue taking other communities' water with no regard for the possible outcomes.

They could rescind their decision vote of Aug. 25, regardless of cost and difficulty and become "good guys" again.

William R. Kollenborn, Diamond Point

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