Top Pay Does Not Guarantee Best Advice



Prior to the start of the infamous Aug. 26 town council meeting, I completed a "sign in" sheet -- a request to address the council -- at 4:15 p.m. I handed the request to an assistant town clerk, who promised to give it to the mayor prior to the meeting. I did not leave the building at any time from then until after 8 p.m. I was not recognized, or allowed to speak in spite of the fact that my written request was submitted, plus the fact that I raised my hand repeatedly but was ignored by the mayor.

This is a gist of what I intended to tell the council and staff:

I feel the town's actions taken, and those being contemplated, regarding the Star Valley water situation are immoral.

The arrogance exhibited by some of our town staff, mainly (Fred) Carpenter's camouflaging and circumvention, (Sam) Streichman's stalling and stalemating and (Buzz) Walker's wavering and waffling, appear to have rubbed off on some council members.

Several weeks ago, the town manager stated at a Citizens Awareness Committee meeting that the Star Valley Coalition's water worries were "Only in their minds."

Some of the council appear to blindly rubber stamp many of the staff's sly, self-serving suggestive policy positions. (Mayor Barbara) Brewer barks and bristles, (Councilor Robert) Henley hacks and harps, (Councilor John) Wilson wails and wangles, and (Vice-Mayor) Judy (Buettner) jangles and jumbles.

To the aforementioned council people I say: Just because we pay these town officials as much as, or more than, the governor of Arizona is paid, is no reason to consider them incapable of error in setting forth policy on faith and morals.

Elmer Kreutzer, Payson

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