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Q: The week of Aug. 22 the north end of McLane was paved where it meets Houston Mesa Road, stopping two houses short of Johnson. I drive on the north end of McLane daily. It was all ready smooth. Why was it paved?

A: LaRon Garrett, town engineer said, "First of all we didn't pave it. We put a slurry seal over it to preserve the pavement so it would last longer." The town will be putting slurry seal on the rest of McLane. "The reason we stopped there is because in that area the pavement was real good and we used what is called a type two slurry. The rest of (McLane) is in worse shape so we are going to use a heavier slurry on it."

Q: Tim Fruth said he had a conflict of interest at (a recent) council meeting, what is it?

A: Tim Fruth is an assistant principal at Payson High School, and Michael Horton is a member of the Payson Unified School District Board.

Q: I heard there was a new taxi company in town. I would love to have that phone number but I can't locate it.

A: "I haven't gotten any new applications for any kind of a taxi or transportation service. It is possible there are some out there who do not know they need a license and maybe they just haven't come in."

Tessie Flores, deputy town clerk, town of Payson

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