Bush Has Other Priorities



What makes me upset is that President Bush could care less about the people of the USA and cares more for getting money to other countries and the war. We have a tragedy that has occurred from the hurricane and Bush doesn't care. He should have done something right away when the threat was there. Instead he waited, and waited, then days later he cut his vacation short to deal with the problem. I wonder who advised him to do that. He could care less about those people.

I don't trust President Bush. I think he is evil, and I think he could care less about the American people. He's really shown that now. I think this country is going downhill and it will become worse because of Bush.

And who will come through and help all these victims of this hurricane, the wonderful people of the USA, not Bush. He has too many wonderful dinner parties and special dinners he wants to attend.

God Bless the USA and the other countries that help us.

Susan Storms


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