Drug Use Is A Social Problem



I admit that your story on the dangers and effects of meth was extremely heartbreaking. The before and after pictures will forever haunt me. I know firsthand the effects this drug has on a person and their family. The pictures do not lie. For those of us who have lost loved ones to this drug, we know the hopelessness. There is nothing you can do, but stand back and watch them waste away. Just recently I met an old friend who has lost everything (including her children) to this drug. When she left my house I cried. I cried for the friend I once knew and loved. She is only a shell now, her old self gone and in its place a woman who I do not recognize.

Meth and alcoholism took my father 16 years ago. He sobered up so he could be a good grandfather to my son. He was hospitalized two days before I went into labor. He had surgery, but because of his years of abuse, he never came through. He was in a coma when my son was born, and died two months later. I tell my sons about the grandpa they never met, and how much he loved them. After all, he sobered up after 35 years just for them.

I have three very good friends who have kicked the habit and now lead happy productive lives. Their years on meth are behind them, but not forgotten. They still have the scars it left.

Meth not only destroy the user's life, but those who love them.

I applaud Payson's steps to help curb this epidemic. I agree that the ingredients used to make meth should be harder to obtain, but this is not enough. Drug use is a social problem. We must come together and help these addicts and their families. The criminal justice system should be the last stop, not the first. If we are going to get this problem under control we need to get to the heart of the crisis. We must ask why. I hope our community leaders step forward and formulate a plan, one that addresses the true issues. I beg of this community to come together and help those in need. Do not turn your back on them. To those using right now, never give up hope! There are people who can help you. All you have to do is reach out to them.

Samantha Perry


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