Enforce The Dress Code



I am a student at Rim Country Middle School. I am concerned about the dress code. There are a lot of students that don't obey the dress code.

I have read the handbook, and it says no spaghetti straps, midriffs or baggy pants. But yet, day-by-day the students disobey. Can we do anything about it?

Yes, I think we should be more serious because students won't listen to the staff. And when they tell them to go change their clothes, they come back with the same thing on the next day.

One way we could change is to get uniforms. For now, the staff needs to be stricter. They need to discipline the students who do it every day -- not the ones who do it once in a blue moon. I know what it is to not have clothes that fit. There's ways to work around it.

Christina Hale


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