No Call To Game And Fish In The Future



I was present at the tranquilizing of the bear on Bronco Circle last Friday morning. I helped carry the bear from where it fell to the Game and Fish trailer, because the trailer was parked in my driveway. When we first saw the bear, someone called Game and Fish, but it was over an hour before anyone showed up. The whole time my neighbor and myself monitored the bear. It was obviously frightened and most likely would have come down on its own except for all the commotion. At no time did the bear ever show any signs of aggressive behavior. On the contrary, it was docile. Kind of like how you'd be if you were starving and scared.

Both Game and Fish employees were professional in handling this situation, yet both assured me that protecting wildlife was second only to public safety. There were many people present at this sighting and I have talked to all of them since it happened. Not one of us felt threatened. I also talked to many people who have spent a lot of time watching and hunting bears. Without exception, they all said that the bear most likely would have come down on his own if left alone.

In summation, I guess I need to be more afraid of governmental agencies that kill first and ask questions later, than any occasional wildlife that may wander into my neighborhood. Next time, I'll observe them with pleasure, and go on my way. I certainly won't call Game and Fish!

Craig Wallace


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