No Holiday For Disaster Victims



Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans said it all and I quote, "I am pissed!" The response to Katrina has not matched the scope of this disaster. I am an emergency registered nurse signed up for disaster mobilization with the Red Cross. The nurses of Arizona have been sitting here waiting to go to work. We are outraged that we have to watch nurses, doctors and patients going without. The New Orleans hospital disaster response has been taxed to the max without rescue replacements. Doctors and nurses there are giving each other IVs just to keep going so they can take care of the overwhelming amount of patients. People are dying, not because medical help is not available. We are here. They are dying because the National Guard was not there right away to make it safe for us to come. I was told by the Red Cross that the violence and gun shots have kept them from sending us! The Red Cross has also told me that "it is a corporate decision and this is a holiday weekend." They promised to get back to me Tuesday to tell me if I could be sent to do what I am trained and willing to do. There are many medical professionals in Arizona standing by anxiously and feeling helpless. The people of New Orleans are not on holiday. A lot of people will die by Tuesday. I am pissed.

Kathleen Kelly


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