Poetry Corner


I Remember
y Emily Giancinto

I try and think not,
Of old days.
As when we fought,
And yelled.

For when I do I see,
That I was foolish,
So was he,
We both were, he and me.

Where he is, I do not know,
But in my mind I see,
That though we fought and quarreled much,
We were simply meant to be.

Now that we are not so near,
I lay in bed at night,
Dreaming of the days of fear,
That I remember well.

And yet I miss it, every tone,
Every little bit,
The nights together, not alone,
Yes, I truly miss it.

In this tale of moral lies,
Waiting to be spoken.

For when you have to say goodbyes,
You will remember too,
That in hatred, love still lies,
Waiting to break through.

by Jerri (Sams) Copenhaver

I woke early this morning
And saw the hesitant sun
Peep its golden head warily
From the shelter of a matronly mountaintop
As if afraid to face another day.
And then at dusk it slipped shyly
Back behind the shelter of rocky skirts.

I too need shelter from a harsh world
Which is hard to shine in alone.
I need you.

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