Time To Account For Money



This is an open letter to Congressman Rick Renzi.

This week the Gulf area of our country was hit by Hurricane Katrina. This is not a surprise. It is hurricane season. We have seen that lately when a tropical storm hits Florida, the administration is quick to declare it a disaster area, and Congress passes emergency funding for the Sunshine State where the president's brother is governor. But, Congressman Renzi, you have spent billions of dollars of taxpayers' money on homeland security. After 9/11, you said that we needed it to be secure and safe. Well, now I want an accounting. I want to know where the billions have gone. Why are Americans suffering after a bad storm? This was not a terrorist attack. This was not a nuclear suitcase bomb. But what if it had been?

Why does the president call on his father and President Clinton to raise money for the citizens of the United States of America? Is this because you and your Republican cronies have been dismantling our American government?

Why did you want to raid and destroy Social Security? Thank God the citizens of Congressional District One in Arizona could see through your greedy grabbing of our benefits.

Where is the money that you promised in your last Congressional race -- the money you were going to give to Native Americans, to veterans, to build bridges in Tonto Basin and the new Houston Mesa Road?

But you did vote yourself a raise. You did vote for the Central American Free Trade Agreement to give Central America to China. You have done nothing to secure our borders. So, Congressman, where is the money? What have you done with it? The people of Congressional District One want to know.

Sydney Whitely


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