Action Was Not The President's To Take



It seems that Ms. Bohlmeyer needs, as do so many others, a short lesson in civics.

It is not the job of the president (whomever it may be) to take charge as she proposed. There is a little principle known as state's rights that keeps that from happening, unless a true national emergency arises. This is why each state elects a governor, who is then in charge of what happens in that state during a time of emergency. This includes deploying the National Guard.

Mayors and town councils in each city are responsible for mobilizing local law enforcement and using city buses, etc. needed to evacuate citizens.

These checks and balances keep us from becoming another Soviet Union/Communist country and ensures the freedoms of us all.

If indeed the president had done as she suggests, he would have been blasted by the liberals for overstepping his authority. They already refer to him as "Hitler" and his administration as "jack-booted thugs."

Millions of dollars are still needed for the disaster area. Should the president be allowed to raid her checking and/or savings accounts to obtain some of that money? It is, after all, a national emergency.

Lorrie Buller, Forest Lakes

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