Be Part Of The Solution, Not Part Of The Problem



I am getting very tired of people, without knowledge or facts but who have a political agenda, bashing our president for events that are beyond his control.

Ms. Bohlmeyer ("People needed more than a cheerleader," Sept. 6 Roundup) alleges that President Bush was only a cheerleader during Katrina and did nothing. She is wrong, and I suggest that she should have researched the facts before she gave her opinion.

President Bush, and the federal government, is not the primary responder to local disasters. The federal government can legally come in only when requested by the local authorities. However, Bush did declare New Orleans as an emergency area before the hurricane hit, so the Federal Emergency Management Agency could pre-position supplies.

I do not have the space to tell all the facts to dispute Ms. Bohlmeyer's tirade, but for anyone who is interested in the truth, go to and read the editorial by Bob Williams of the Wall Street Journal.

There is a time and place for partisan politics, but not during a disaster of this magnitude. There are still people in need of rescue from New Orleans, and uncounted dead to be removed from a three-state area. If you want to be a part of the true story, do something like Butch Klein and Mike Cobo did, "26,000 pounds of donated supplies head to Katrina disaster area," as reported in the Sept. 6 Roundup. Even that story doesn't tell the whole truth. By the time Butch and Mike loaded all the supplies and clothes that were donated they had two trucks full, a total of 46,000 pounds of urgently needed supplies.

There are other local efforts depicted in that story -- get on board with one of them and do some good for the people who need it. Recriminations and blame do not feed or clothe anyone!

David Mumma, Payson

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