Maybe People Don't Belong In Payson



As a former resident of Payson, I wish to register my disgust with the destruction of the bear that wandered into a residential neighborhood.

From my longtime residency in the area, I wonder how people can be surprised that a bear would be in the area? People have encroached on the natural habitat of animals all over the state, and it seems that Game and Fish Department enforcement has moved from protecting the animals, which are confused, and probably hungry, to destruction of them to keep the people happy.

Maybe some of you people don't belong in Payson at all, since it seems you have no tolerance for the natural order of things.

We have some of the same issues in the Valley, where I currently, and unfortunately, reside at this time; but given the changes in Payson that I have seen over the years, maybe I am better off in the "big city." What a shame.

Denise Waldrip, Phoenix

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