Sheriff's Office Investigates Road-Rage Incident


A single shot was fired in a suspected road-rage incident off Houston Mesa Road late Monday afternoon. The Gila County Sheriff's Office investigation is ongoing, but a few details were available at press time.

"The victim was northbound near the Shoo Fly Ruins when he was rear-ended by another vehicle," said Det. George Ratliff.

The drivers, while still in their vehicles, had a verbal exchange, he said.

"The victim left the scene and went into one of the subdivisions," Ratliff said. The other driver followed him. Because he didn't want the offender to know where he lived, he stopped. The offender also stopped.

"Both got out of their vehicles and the offender fired a single shot through the rear window of the victim's car," Ratliff said. "The bullet lodged in the dashboard; then the offender took off."

Ratliff said there were no injuries.

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