What's Up?


Q: In the Tuesday Sept. 6 Roundup Town Manager Fred Carpenter published a column telling your readers that water used at Chaparral Pines is not Payson Water, but water from outside Payson. Why didn't he mention that the water they use actually comes from Star Valley?

A: "That's because it doesn't come from Star Valley," Carpenter said. "It comes from the Calhoun Ranch in Mayfield Canyon outside Star Valley proper."

Public Works Director Buzz Walker offered these thoughts:

"If people have questions about Chaparral Pines water-use they should ask Chaparral Pines. That's how the town gets caught up in this issue, but we're not privy to their daily operations. The fact is, I don't know what private well users within the town do with their own water -- and I don't ask. Chaparral Pines has their own private wells that are not even in town limits."

Q: I heard Pat Johnson has resigned from the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce. Is that true?

A: Yes. Johnson has accepted a position as a marketing consultant at KMOG radio. "I'm excited about this new opportunity," Johnson said. "I look forward to seeing all of my Rim Country friends in this new endeavor."

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