Fighting For Freedom, Safety Is The Answer



I am replying to the letter that Peter Dygert wrote in the Roundup Sept 9. I am Sergeant Joshua M. Weinland, and I lived in Payson for 10 years and graduated from Payson High School in 2001. I joined the United States Army in September 2002. I am now a soldier at Ft. Campbell, Ky.

Let's get to the purpose of my letter. Let's start with Sept. 11, 2001, when an attack happened on United States soil. The twin towers -- with thousands of your fellow Americans who worked there, firefighters who were trying to help and many more -- were both hit by terrorists and crumpled to a massive pile of rubble. Not to mention the Pentagon, and another plane that went down in Pennsylvania after our fellow Americans fought these terrorists to keep that plane from succeeding its mission to hurt our country more than they already had. Maybe you forgot that day, but I sure didn't and I never will.

The last time I checked, the name of this war is the War on Terrorism -- not the war for money or power. This is a war to free the Iraqis and to eliminate the anti-coalition forces and the same terrorists that planned the attacks on the United States. The freedom we are fighting for is the same freedom you have. Like the freedom of speech so that people can say ignorant things about president and country.

I send my deepest regrets to Cindy Sheehan and all the families of fallen soldiers, my comrades. Just like them, I am willing to fight and die for your safety and that of the rest of our great country. To keep you safe so you can live a great life with your family and not have to worry about some terrorist attacking your family and friends. So that you can sit at home and bash our president and our soldiers fighting for your safety.

In conclusion to my response, the answer to the question "What noble cause did my son Casey (and all fallen soldiers) die for?" is this. They died fighting to keep all Americans safe, so they can sleep in peace and not worry about not seeing their family and friends the next day due to some terrorist attack.

Joshua Weinland, Ft. Campbell, Ky

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