Focus On Positive Events



In regard to some of the critical comments about our president, may I say, simply, "Hogwash!"

Why hasn't President Bush answered Cindy Sheehan and other anti-war activists? He has, over and over again, but they don't listen. There's no convincing some people that appeasement of terrorists never brings peace, only more terrorism.

In World War II, if the United States hadn't helped the Allies stop Hitler and Hirohito, this world would be a very different place today, probably a lot like Iraq under its former dictator.

Thank your lucky stars or, more properly, the good Lord, that we have a man for our president who won't back down, especially once American blood has been shed. Also, be thankful for the brave men and women soldiers who know the value of what they're doing, and who care enough to give themselves for others.

For those who have to blame someone else for everything, even a hurricane like Katrina, be grateful for all the things that have gone right. Be grateful for all those firemen, police, medics, and national guardsmen and women who swing into action as quickly as possible and risk their lives because they care and that's their job.

Even in the midst of storms, we are blessed to live in this country. We also have a duty: to pray for wisdom and God's guidance for our leaders, especially our president. He bears the heaviest burdens on his shoulders. That's his job, and he does it well, in spite of those who poison the air with their constant criticism, a habit that poisons inward as well.

Charlotte Casey, Payson

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