Item Was Never On The Agenda



I am concerned about an article that appeared in the Sept. 13 issue of the Payson Roundup concerning a town council meeting scheduled for that evening. In the article, remarks were attributed to Councilman Henley that seemed to indicate the council had plans that evening to repeal Resolution 2098, a water agreement, and readopt it as an emergency, thereby frustrating circulators of a referendum against the resolution. A tape of the broadcast was available that clearly showed the remark had to do with proceeding on an emergency basis with a safe yield study for Star Valley and had nothing whatever to do with Resolution 2098. Furthermore, the article quoted three other witnesses, including Dan Haapala (who moderated the radio broadcast during which Councilman Henley allegedly made the remark), Councilman Henley himself, and me, all of whom denied the statement having been made.

Partly as a result of the article, several people spent three hours waiting in the council chambers for action to take place that was never contemplated by the Payson town council. I apologize on behalf of the mayor and town council of Payson to those of you who spent their evening waiting for an action that was not even agendized.

Fred Carpenter, Town Manager

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