Teen Challenges Government Definition



In a town council meeting on Aug. 25, 2005, the Payson Town Council voted for Resolution 2098. This resolution allows Payson to pay $750,000 dollars to take water from Star Valley. Before the meeting, there were people picketing with signs that protested the resolution. This many picketers stretched 100 yards down the street.

Mayor Barbara Brewer only allowed three people to speak for this resolution, and three people to speak against it. Of these people, three people spoke against the resolution and only one spoke for it.

I attended the meeting and participated in the picketing. Some picketers carried signs that said, "Toot for Star Valley Support." There wasn't any more than a second that passed that I didn't hear a honk. Even with all the protesting, the town council still passed Resolution 2098 4-2. The two council members who voted against the resolution were Dick Reese and George Barriger. I thank both of them greatly.

As for the rest of the council, I don't know what they think "of the people, by the people and for the people" means, but somebody must have given them the wrong definition.

Wesley W. Wisner, age 13

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