Tonto Basin Firefighters Working In Gulf Area


On Tuesday, Sept. 6, Captain Alan Ross and Stormi Ewing left to aid in relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Both are firefighters and emergency medical technicians for the Tonto Basin Fire District.

Their first stop was Atlanta, for three days of training. From there, they flew to Austin. They worked with evacuees in the Waxahachie, Texas area, helping them get settled in the evacuation centers.

Next stop was Orlando, Florida for several more days of training, then on to Baton Rouge. Currently, Ross and Ewing are working in Baker Parish at the Second Harvest Food Bank.

"It is the largest food bank in the United States, and has quadrupled the amount of food distribution in the last few days," Ross said. "They were overwhelmed when we got here. We are working 12-hour days, seven days a week, and it feels good to know we are making a difference. The people are happy to see us and are very appreciative."

Ross and Ewing are scheduled to return in two to three weeks.

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