Developer's Benevolence Should Be Commended



This whole water situation raises some puzzling questions for me:

  • If Star Valley succeeds in incorporating, has anyone given any thought to the cost to provide waste-water treatment that would be required? Where will the Star Valley residents get the financial resources to solve that problem? Won't it be a big tax item for Star Valley?
  • Aren't there many old substandard septic systems in Star Valley posing significant potential risk to ground water?
  • Do the residents of Star Valley expect to continue to use Payson water at places where they work and at the schools that their children attend?
  • Where will the jobs and the property values go if the anti-water and no-growth people prevail in turning Payson into a ghost town?

In other words, this whole matter, which has deteriorated to a nasty level that is indicative of the character of some of the Star Valley Coalition, has not been well thought out by the opposition. The road blocks that they keep throwing up will probably hurt us all in the end. Senator Joe McCarthy would be proud of the hysteria and baseless accusations that are being thrown around by your reporter and the anti-growth element.

Let's face it, the much-needed water that will be piped to Payson is a windfall for us all, and it is free. The developers have done a good job of proving water quality, cooperating with the town, measuring the minimal impact on Star Valley well water levels, showing sensitivity to the concerns of our citizens and spending what has to be a lot of money out their own pockets to make things better for our town and surrounding communities.

Growth is inevitable, and it is good for us all if it is controlled, and it is planned and executed properly. That is exactly what the town council is doing, and they should be commended. We will not have out-of-control sprawl with all of the attendant problems; we will have vitality and moderate growth that benefits us all. The developer should be looked upon as the first group to really pitch in and go the extra mile to make that start to happen for Payson.

Laura Groess, Payson

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