Flatlanders Party Fun For Christopher Creek Residents



This last week, about 50 residents of Christopher Creek headed for the woods to celebrate the 26th Annual Flatlanders Party. After Labor Day, it's a time to kick back and relax.

Tuesday evening, everyone headed out with their coolers, lawn chairs and their favorite potluck in their hands.

Robert McWorthy did a lot of work for this year's party. He spent the day raking up the site, taking up the tables and grills and digging a fire pit. He also bought the corn and hot dogs

It was a beautiful night for a cookout. There was a chill in the air, but Kevin Mystrom and Liana Pearsall showed up in shorts, thongs and a ski cap. Go figure that one. They sat very close to the fire. The elk were bugling, and the moon was almost full.

It's wonderful to live in such a beautiful area. Dennis and Kelly O'Neill showed up for their first time. Dennis said they pulled into the Landmark thinking the party was there and Kelly said, "This isn't much of a party if there is only one car." They went in, and Marsha was the only one working.

She gave them directions to the party. Kelly said she couldn't wait to go this year because she is no longer a Flatlander. Everyone had a good time, as usual. Glasses were raised to those we lost over the years, and fond memories were spoken of them throughout the night.

Don't forget the Grant Steering Committee at the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Hall at 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 24.

This Saturday, Sept. 24, is the Annual Wine Tasting and Dinner at the Landmark Restaurant. Cost is $60 per couple, and reservations are required. Call (928) 478-4472.

The Ladies Seventh Annual Retreat is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 5 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Chapel. This year's theme is "O Come, Let Us Worship and Bow Down," Psalm 95:6. Life-changing Bible lessons will be provided by Teresa Purtee. This is a salad luncheon, and there will be childcare for those who need it. Bring your favorite salad to share, and join the ladies for fun, fellowship, Bible study and delicious food. Dress casual and wear comfortable shoes if you want to participate in the walk.

Please RSVP for child care by Sept. 30. Call Pat Guevara at (928) 478-4122, or Bianca Malmin at (928) 478-0977. If you have never attended one of these retreats, now is the time. The ladies are a lot of fun, and you will truly be amazed at what you can learn. You will leave with something special to carry through life.

The Annual Craft Fair and Fall Festival is Saturday, Oct. 15, and Sunday, Oct. 16 in Christopher Creek. There will be pumpkin carving for the kids, outdoor activities, live music at the Landmark and much more. Plan to attend.

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