Just The Facts Please



In the Sept. 20 edition of the Roundup, there was a letter to the editor from Fred Carpenter that has resulted in a bit of stir around town and on website blogs. Fred concluded his letter with an apology on behalf of the mayor or town council suggesting that citizens were led to unnecessarily waste their time at a special town council meeting on the evening of Sept. 13, due partly to Roundup misinformation.

The fact of the matter is that virtually all of the people remaining in the town council meeting room from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. were there at the request of the Committee for Community-Based Growth (CCBG). The agenda for the Sept. 13 special meeting was not made public until late in the day on Friday, Sept. 9. We did not become aware of this special meeting agenda until Monday, Sept. 12. When we saw that the special meeting agenda had two items listed for Referendum No. 05R-001 concerning Resolution No. 2098, one for executive session discussion and a following one for public discussion, we became very concerned because our referendum petitions had not yet been submitted to the town clerk.

By midday Monday we had put out e-mails and phone calls encouraging people to attend the special council meeting on the following night. The Payson Roundup article referred to by Fred was not even published until the following day. The Dan Haapala with Councilman Henley radio broadcast had nothing to do with our concern or e-mail and phone calls.

Our actual concern is that for a variety of reasons we feel we cannot entirely trust the town council and mayor. For this reason, we feel it is necessary to "spend our time" at all town council and administrative meetings that are open to the public whenever we are aware of agenda issues affecting the proper management and future of the town of Payson.

Hal Baas, Bob Edwards

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