No Sympathy For Convicted Pedophile



I am absolutely appalled by the article re David Wilcox. I am outraged that an article in the newspaper in the town that I, and several other parents, have chosen to raise our children in would patronize and try to justify the acts of a convicted pedophile. He talks about the abuse he endured as a young child, and what it did to him, yet he would be the one to do it to his own flesh and blood. It was a thoughtful gesture of him to give his children up to a "good family" after he permanently damaged them.

Does the Payson Roundup intend to run an article on the victims of crimes such as these? Because I guarantee you that there are plenty out there who haven't ever gotten the chance to speak out and tell everyone what it does to a child's soul, and the lifelong affects that it has had on them when they came into contact with someone like Wilcox. I am also certain they haven't molested other children because it happened to them.

Wilcox has an issue because everywhere he goes he is "labeled," seeing his own mug shot or is kicked out. He earned that well-deserved title all by himself. If he were rehabilitated and realized how wrong his actions were, he would respect and understand those of us who wouldn't want our children exposed to people such as him, instead of wanting us to "accept" him. He didn't steal a car or get in a barroom brawl -- he stole the innocence and soul of a child.

It amazes me how the guy who stole my car is serving 8 1/2 years in prison because it was his second car theft, and Wilcox is singing karaoke in bars, after molesting his son. Apparently the 16-year-old girl doesn't count because she wasn't under 12. Doesn't he also blame alcohol, that led to his disgusting and unforgivable behavior in the first place? Does he drink when he is singing? I wouldn't know, but the temptation is still there. Do you think the guy who stole my car will be hanging out in car lots after dark when he is released from prison?

P. Moore, Payson

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