Come Clean On Water Situation



OK, I admit I am thoroughly confused as to the true water situation in the town of Payson. For 12 years, I have heard the town tell me how I must conserve our precious water resources. I have also heard for 12 years from a variety of area groups that we are running out of water at any moment. Yet, the water continues to flow.

I'm just a plain old taxpayer and town resident. I represent no special interest groups or agendas. I just want some truthful answers.

I know there are some people who want Payson to remain a small rural community and close the gates. Then there are those who would develop it beyond its ability to sustain the growth they desire. Neither are acceptable alternatives to me.

The current conflict over Star Valley and Diamond Point water use has brought this all to a head. Maybe this is good for all of us. As a town resident, I pay taxes and expect that my town government will do all it can to legally and responsibly procure all the water we need.

I also know that a lot of people in Star Valley and other outside areas have small private wells on individual properties. I do not want the town to be subject to a lawsuit for adversely impacting their wells. I do believe that those individuals should have the responsibility to prove their wells would be drawn down. How much water must they have, and how much water need be allocated for their exclusive collective use as a community, i.e., acre feet of water?

Where does their water stop and ours begin? Some wish to deny Payson the opportunity to seek private sale well water from outlying areas for a variety of reasons. These wells are owned by individuals in those same areas. A truthful, fair, and legal resolution to all these water issues begs a revealing to all of us. I ask my town government and its paid experts to give us the truth. I can take it.

Donald Evans, Payson

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