New Homes Not The Way To Grow



I just finished reading a letter to you titled "Shame on coalition for dividing community." The comment I would like to make is to the gentleman who wrote that.

How can he write about the Valley wasting water and in the same letter give praise to developers (and council members) eager to use every drop of our groundwater?

I believe that the problem is not where the water comes from, but, the building of 1,000 more new homes. Haven't you looked at real estate prices lately? The benefit from these homes would only be short term. The working man (or woman) in this town cannot even afford to buy these homes. They will be bought by people either retired, or, working in the Valley. How does that help business here? It doesn't. What it does is put a further strain on our water supply.

There is an ordinance in effect that the growing of new grass is prohibited until an alternate water supply is found and put into use. Why don't we have a similar ordinance on the building of new homes?

Paul Brandenburg, Payson

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