Payson Rotary Club Sponsors Foreign Exchange Student


Paysonost favoriteon last week when Anthony Incardona left for a year as a foreign exchange student to Votuporanga, Sao Paolo, Brazil. But the population at Payson High School stayed the same.

Coming into replace Incardona was Augusto Ludvik Filip Marino from Barretos of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Both of these students were sponsored by the Rotary Club of Payson.


Anthony Incardona, left, from Payson recently left for Votuporanga, Sao Paolo, Brazil, where he will spend a year as a foreign exchange student. Right, Augusto Marino arrives from Brazil as a foreign exchange student to spend a year in Payson.

To Brazil

Incardona left for Brazil just two days after his 18th birthday. He will spend his senior year attending school in Brazil.
"This is the first time in our Rotary Club that anyone can remember sending a studentut from Payson," said Dan Hill, club president. "We take one in nearly every year, but it has been years since we have had one leave from here."

Hill said Incardona is "articulate, friendly, fun, andntelligent. If we had the wholeountry to choose from, we couldn't have picked a better young man to represent our community, and our club, in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program."

Incardona began preparing to become an exchange student nearly a year ago when the Rotary Club held an informational meeting at the high school to solicit interested students.

From Brazil

Marino comes from a long history of exchange students. His mother spent one of her college years studying in England. His olderister was an exchange studentn Nebraska, followed by hisrother, who spent a year in Indiana. But the story gets even better: If the ‘Ludvik' in Marino's middle name sounds European, it's because it is. Marino's grandfather left the Czech Republic more than 50 years ago on an exchange program to Brazil. Heent home just long enough to graduatend returned to Brazil.e married, raised family, and has sent all of his posterity outs exchange students. He and his wifeust celebrated their golden anniversary as Marino was preparing to come to America. Hill is also the host family to Marino.

"He is a very conscientious young man," Hill said. "He is very careful to doverything right. His school work, his chores at the house, his piano playing, everything indicates that he is an extremely hard working student. We have already fallen in love with him, and are so happy to have him in our home."

As for Marino, he said coming to Americais a wonderful experience. Living in another country, learning their language and their culture is something I have always wanted to do."

What does he miss most? "The Brazilian barbecue."

The Rotary Club will hold a meeting for all students, and their parents, interested in becoming an exchange student. The meeting will berom 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26 in the school library.

Applications for the 2005/ 2006 school year are due by Dec. 1. The exchange program is open to all high school students ages 16 to 18 1/2. Hill explained that "there are some expenses incurred by the family, but the largest expense, the airfare to and from the host country, will be paid by the Rotary Club of Payson. "Most exchange students pay all their own expenses, but we were so anxious to send out a student that our club voted to pay the airfare to make the program more available and enticing to potential students," Hill said.

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