Put Money To Better Use



Shame on Star Valley Coalition? Shame on you, Ralph Bossert. I am a fourth generation in Star Valley, and I can tell you who started the dividing of Payson and Star Valley -- the Payson Town Council did the minute they started dealing with Mike Horton.

I am not a member of the Star Valley Coalition, but I finally realized that this problem is not going away. I sat down and wrote out pros and cons of either becoming a part of Payson or the incorporation of Star Valley. Though I would rather not be a part of either one, becoming Diamond Star, Arizona, far outweighs the annexation of Star Valley. I have nothing against the people of Payson, just its government.

Mike Horton purchased property in Star Valley with the intention of supplying water to his subdivision in Payson. While Horton was testing his well, Chris Benjamin also monitored his well and found a significant drop in his water table. Benjamin went to a Payson Town Council meeting to show his findings. They told him he wasn't a professional, and wouldn't accept his findings. Why didn't the town of Payson then monitor other wells surrounding Horton's well and disclose their results?

You tell us it doesn't affect the people or the land, but it does. Go look at the Calhoun place -- the big pond is gone and the big walnut trees are dead. For you who don't know, that is where Chaparral Pines gets their water.

When Roy Haught and George Randall drilled a well, it dried up Randy White's well. They are gracefully making a trust fund to help people who start having trouble with their wells. How is $2,000 going to help a person drill deeper, when it can cost $10,000?

Payson, are you trying to tell me it doesn't have an impact? Shame on you. Where are your morals? But I hear that some of the people in Payson have morals and are fighting back by trying to get a vote on the water situation. Good for you.

Instead of spending $750,000 on the abduction of Star Valley water, spend it on the acquisition of getting the Blue Ridge Reservoir down to Payson.

Paula Pyle, Star Valley

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