Build Good Out Of Everything



No matter who you are, where you are, or what your circumstances are, you can build for good. Joined together, the minds, hearts and hands of all of us united in beneficence can gently build good into whatever it focuses upon.

Right now, the matter at hand is Hurricane Rita -- a massive whirlwind of water that appears to be out of control. Tomorrow it may be something else. How can you help?

Naturally, if you believe in prayer, you'll pray. If you can reach into the darkness of fear and pull out trust and peace, you'll do so. If you have money or time or things that could help, you'll contribute. If you are in the area, you'll help.

But, if none of the above fits, you still have a powerful tool with which to build the good into this circumstance. Simply do good, an act of kindness, in the name of Rita (or whatever situation or event is in need of centering). Give an extra smile, in the name of Rita. Give extra clothes for recycling in the name of Rita. Give of your time to someone who needs it in the name of Rita. By consciously focusing on Rita while doing good, you build good into the creative energy of Rita, and as you build for the good in the name of Rita, watch her power of destruction diminish.

Carena del Uno, Pine

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