Town Delivering On Promises To Fix Bad Streets



This letter is in response to a letter published in the Friday, Sept. 23 Roundup titled "Where's the money to fix Payson's Streets?"

The town has three major street projects for this fiscal year. Also, $450,000 is in the streets budget for maintenance. The bulk of this money was used to slurry seal about 14 miles of town streets. Airport Road will be relocated at a cost of around $1.4 million. The town's share of the cost is 2.5 percent of the total.

North McLane will be reconstructed between Forest and Airport Road. The total cost is more than $1.1 million and the town will pay $600,000 of that total. Westerly Road will be built between Aero and Main Street. The cost is around $892,000 and the town will pay $271,246 of that total. It is an improvement district and our share is financed over a period of time.

We are also getting a traffic light at Highway 87 and Airport Road at a projected cost of $388,000. The cost is equally split between the town and the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Therefore, we are spending considerable money for street projects. All are leveraged using money from other sources to complete the projects. They may not be streets you travel, but they are streets that need to be reconstructed. Bonita (2010) and St. Phillips (2007) are scheduled in the years shown. When they happen it will also be a big improvement to our town.

We are, therefore, spending more than $4 million, of which about $1.5 million comes from our locally collected tax dollars, on streets this fiscal year. I believe your elected officials have delivered on their "promise to do something about our bad streets."

Robert Henley, Payson councilmember

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