World More Dangerous Without Our Troops?



CBS/AP reported President Bush said Thursday, Sept. 22, that withdrawing American forces from Iraq would make the world more dangerous and allow terrorists "to claim an historic victory over the United States."

Does this mean that our men and women are ready to die because we're worried about a claim they might make? Did any claim the North Vietnamese made in 1973 hurt any of us? Maybe the president is really worried about a different claim that some Americans will make: our president made several mistakes ... for which he has not taken responsibility.

And the longer we stay "the course," the larger the mistakes grow: more dead Americans, less support from Allies, more dead Iraqis, who also have those who love them. When we finally do withdraw, will the survivors of the dead civilians say, "Now where are those nice Americans who hand out candy and bullets?"

The Bush administration's actions seem counter-productive: its war is breeding American haters, and oil production is down. Newsweek reports that the Taliban in Afghanistan is emboldened by the tenacity and sacrifices of the Iraqis, and the media reports that Iraqi police are infiltrated with "insurgents."

Another of the president's mistakes is misjudging the unity of Iraqis ... they are fighting among themselves: it appears their goals are not to land any airplanes in New York ... they want to overthrow the other ethnic Iraqis and have their country free of occupation forces.

It's quite apparent that it's the president who is making the world more dangerous. If you agree, contact your elected officials to bring the troops home very soon so our tax dollars can rebuild the American cities hurt by hurricanes, help the children hurt by poverty, etc. If you don't agree, you can help the president by your silence.

Ed Blair, Payson

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