Bush Is A Failure As A President



I am 24 years old. The first president I can remember is Ronald Reagan. The second, George Bush the father, Bill Clinton, and now, George Bush the son. I have been in the presence of one Democrat president.

As a child I grew up in a Republican household. Both parents are avid Bush lovers.

For a time it shaped my opinion that Republicans were the leaders and Democrats were worthless. As I have grown up, I have changed my opinion. Mr. Clinton visited Arizona when I was a child. He allowed Democrats and Republicans into his public forum. No one was banned.

George W. Bush refused Democrats at his forums. He sets up the people asking him questions. He himself offers no real answers to the situation we are involved in.

Where is this proof showing that WMD's were moved to Syria? There has not been any evidence found, since we invaded in March 2003 that there were WMD's.

We have a generation of men and women with PTSD serving for us. The veterans' benefits are being cut. There are backdoor drafts, and above all, there are still people in Florida (Hurricane Andrew), Louisiana (Katrina) and in Texas, who are homeless.

If he can't even rebuild a city, how do we expect him to pull out of Iraq?

I did not vote for Bush in 2000 or 2004. He has divided this country.

The point of all this is:

1. We were attacked.

2. Osama is still at large.

3. Our president sent us to Iraq under false pretenses.

5. He has lied about receiving intelligence on all facets of this war.

6. He has ties to the companies that are price gouging us at the pumps.

7. He is overall a failure as president.

It is unfair to this country to support him. Mr. Clinton was impeached for having a sexual relationship with a woman who was not his wife, and lying to this nation.

Mr. Bush has lied about war, about money, about wire tapping. Is this not a crime?

We Democrats don't have a solution, but do we even have the power to impose one if we did? At least we are standing up for our soldiers that aren't dead.

Elizabeth Young, Payson

Editor's note: This letter was cut to fit within the 400-word limit.

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