Meth Awareness Training Available For Groups, Concerned Citizens


As a concerned citizen, there is a lot one can do in the fight against methamphetamines.

People often forget that meth hurts not just individuals, but families, neighborhoods and entire communities.

You might not be using meth or know anyone who is, but that doesn't mean it's not affecting you.

Issues regarding safety, law enforcement, health care and other areas of our life can all arise when meth takes over a community.

Rim Guidance Center, a division of Southwest Behavioral Health Services, Inc. offers training for your club or organization. In this training, participants learn what methamphetamine is, what it looks like, how it is made, what are the short-term effects of taking meth, what are the long-term effects of taking meth, and what you can do to help the community become meth free.

The Web site serves as an online community resource center to assist families in preventing, recognizing, and dealing with methamphetamine problems.

To schedule training for your group, call Darlene Duncan, Prevention and Community Mobilization Coordinator at (928) 468-8055, ext. 3804. The length of the training ranges from one to three hours, depending upon the group's interest and needs.

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