Mormons Have Been Known To Play Favorites



This regards the March 28 article by Max Foster regarding Police Chief Gartner's attack against mayoral candidate Robert Edwards, and his so-called attack against Mormons.

I have known Bob Edwards for some time now, and never would I believe that he would make comments regarding police-hiring practices. I believe that this is an ongoing attack against Mr. Edwards, who is a fair and honest man.

I am personally shocked that the police chief would even bring this up.

However, having said this, I must state that there is, in strong Mormon communities, a practice of playing favorites. Meaning, they often pick Mormon folks over non-Mormons in job selection. This is sanctioned by the church body in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I lived for 15 years and four months in the only Utah community not founded by Mormons. When my son left military service, well-trained in many occupations from office work to automotive mechanics to a licensed aircraft mechanic and pilot, he was always overlooked in any state, county or other municipal job selection in Utah. He always finished second and often did not get the job simply because he was not "one of them." He has since been working for the National Park Service.

It does not end there.

When this son was younger and returning from our home to a college in southern Utah, he received a minor traffic citation for making a U-turn. He was led to the justice of the peace who first said, "Are you LDS?"

My son said, "No." Immediately the justice said, "The fine for this is XX dollars." Need I say more?

Dave Engleman, Payson

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