Newspaper Should Include A Daily Prayer



The Payson Roundup is a fantastic newspaper and so many people here enjoy it more than the larger newspapers such as the Arizona Republic or USA Today. There is something missing that I was hoping we could add. A prayer for the day similar to the Arizona Republic's would make our newspaper better. I buy the Arizona Republic most days when I'm in town and the first section I read is the prayer. It used to be on the front page years ago, but was moved to the second page. I'm not sure why, but could guess.

I am not a clergy, but have had a special request for a prayer in our newspaper. If you would please let me know your thoughts on this, I would appreciate it.

If you need a volunteer to write a prayer for the Tuesday and Friday edition I would be willing to do that for our community and our Lord.

There could be others who share my opinion. What do you think?

Dara Sutton, Bear Flat

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