Rising Property Taxes A Struggle For Those On Fixed Income



Property taxes: Wreak what you wrought.

Wreak ... to inflict as vengeance.

Wrought ... to bring forth.

Translated: To bring forth as vengeance (aka your property taxes).

Did anyone happen to receive the little "Blue Card" informing them of the "Residential Notice of Value?"

I did, and the assessed value of my home went up 49 percent from 2006 to 2007.

Translated: My property taxes are going up 49 percent. What about yours?

Thank you, Payson Town Council.

Once again, short term thinking versus long term consequences. Sure hope that you and I are not on fixed incomes. But, then again, who did you think was going to pay for the bonds issued by the Town of Payson?

John G. Wakelin, Payson

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