Society's Illness Can Be Healed Through Prayer



The deterioration of civilization in the world and in this country manifests itself clearly, as in a falling barometer, in a spirit of confusion, dissatisfaction, insecurity and indifference.

Violence in human relations has a devastating effect over the collective spirit of society, which has become sick, weakened, old and in agony. Many people are conscious of this condition, but feel there is nothing they can do to remedy it.

Human lives separate from God cause grave harm to the quality of life of all, by sowing dissension, enmity, hate, resentment, envy and violence. Happiness vanishes, peace fades and contentment with the order of things disappears.

We must put into practice spiritual weapons: prayer, penance and conversion. This biblical wisdom can transform the world and open up paths of grace, forgiveness, peace and justice. With faith this will become possible, and results can be seen to everybody's benefit in due time.

Bob Jacobs, Payson

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