Someone Is Not Telling The Truth



Character matters.

Payson needs to learn the truth about Bob Edwards.

Gordy Gartner and Albert Hunt have gone on record saying that Edwards has made discriminatory remarks about Mormons.

Edwards is quoted by the Roundup as saying, "That's not the kind of thing I would say." Someone is lying.

We really need to know the truth. One possibility is that Edwards is being wrongfully defamed by two town officials. The other possibility is that Edwards is paranoid about Mormon influence. More importantly, there is a possibility that Edwards is lying.

Instead of just dropping this issue, someone -- presumably the press -- needs to do some investigation and ask some simple questions.

1. Edwards says he was only discussing rumors with Gartner. OK. From whom did Edwards hear the rumors? What are the rumors? Does Edwards believe the rumors? If not, why was he discussing rumors what he does not believe?

2. Who are the other witnesses? According to Gartner's letter, Edwards made the comments to a town employee and his co-workers during their lunch break.

He also refers to more Edwards comments at a campaign function. If confronted with statements from a half dozen witnesses, will Edwards continue to stand by his denial, or admit to some derogatory words?

If Gartner is telling the truth, then there are several witnesses to confirm that Edwards is telling a lie.

Should we just sweep this ugly issue under the rug? All politicians lie. No big deal, right? Wrong.

Character matters. It matters even more in a small town. Let's get to the bottom of this.

David Davis, Pine

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