Thank You For Everyone Who Helped Find Sweetie



Thank You. Thank You. My daughter and I were in a horrible accident last Saturday and so many awesome people helped us.

The EMTs, Sheriffs, DPS (especially Officer Harrold), ER and Payson Regional, the doctors (Dr. Morris).

We got our "Sweetie" back.

To everyone who hunted for her for hours, Tom and Cheri Waldron, Al and Sharon Finnie, Brenda Binney, Karen and Matt Benjamin, Deb and Don Tanner, Amanda Haworth and family and of course all my brothers in "Brown."

And there's the special "Laurie" and her brother, who through God, were right there that awful night to save my dogs despite the peril it put them in. I could go on for a million words and not thank everyone who helped us.

So I'm thanking God he let me live here with the best people in the universe as friends and neighbors.

Jeri and Melissa Shepard, Diamond Point

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