Vote For Diane Sexton



To the residents of the Town of Payson who care about their community:

I have lived in the Payson area for 35 years and I have known Diane Sexton for most of that time. I have had many opportunities to work with and alongside Diane, and I have found that she is dedicated to the principle of honesty and she demonstrates a willingness to work toward unity with all people in the community in order to accomplish short-term and long-range goals.

Diane is one of the most caring people I have ever known and she really cares about Payson and the people who live here.

Diane has always been willing to donate her time, energy and leadership skills in all aspects of her civic and professional life and has proved to be fair and to exhibit outstanding leadership skills as a public representative in her community.

Diane is a very smart lady who listens to the people and she is an outstanding problem solver who can get the job done.

Diane will continually strive for improvement and form a problem solving alliance with the citizens who care about our town. I am positive that Diane is the best candidate for the Town Council position.

Diane does not accept campaign contributions, and, therefore, owes nothing to any special interest groups. In fact, the only "special interest group" she will serve is the people of Payson.

If you would like strong leadership for Payson, I am asking for you to vote for Diane Sexton for Payson Town Council.

Glennis Stephenson, Payson

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