Watch Your Speed On The New Airport Road



Warning! Watch out for speed zone changes and unmarked police cars giving tickets on the new Airport Road.

Since they built the new Airport Road it seems they have also changed the speed zones along its route.

Wish someone had warned me. Having lived in this town for 11 years, it seems I was still going 35 mph, but now it is a 25 mph zone. I know that $126 later.

And to top it off, the lesson came from Officer Dyer in an unmarked police car heading west while I was heading East. Surprise.

He turned around right in the middle of the road and put some blinking red lights on behind me. And whose idea was it to change the 35 to 25 right at the top of a declining hill? Are we supposed to ride our brakes all the way down?

Donna Steckal, Payson

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