What Do Women Really Want? More Time


Almost every evaluation of the Eighth Annual Women's Wellness Forum asked for the same thing -- more time with the presenters.

The forum, held March 25 at the Payson High School, attracted 175 participants and more vendors than ever before, said Vicki Dietz, who has been on the program's organizing committee for a number of years.


Gary Bedsworth presented one of the popular programs at the March 25 Women's Wellness Forum. His program, "Cookin' for You or Two," focused on small meals for singles and couples. Bedsworth is an award-winning chef. His program was just one of nine presented to more than 150 women who attended the event, which is now in its eighth year.

Keynote speaker Christine Wailand-Harrison, who spoke about designing and bringing life into balance -- garnered comments such as, "Encouraging. Gracious. Informative. Humorous. A wonderful experience."

One participant wrote, "She helped me realize I'm part of the women's population with the same issues."

Penny Navis-Schmidt's "Beautiful Woman Qigong" received an overwhelming rating of "excellent." Participants remarked that it was a positive experience and the teacher had a calm presence that was gentle and encouraging.

The program on travel by Ed Jim was considered "very good" by more than a third of those submitting evaluations. They appreciated his honesty and knowledge, enjoyed the question and answer session, but would like to learn more about women traveling and health considerations.

Another highly rated session was Mike Wick's "Know Your Car." Participants said Wick was very informative and patient and the hands-on, interactive work was great.

Also receiving high ratings in the evaluations was the "Relax and Renew" program presented by Melody Fisher. Participants appreciated learning new information, seeing examples and techniques for relaxation.

The programs on heart disease and pampered feet were both called very informative. Participants enjoyed the willingness of the presenter on heart disease to answer questions, but would have liked to hear more on how to heal. Betty Pontius' presentation of "Pampered Feet" was called very enthusiastic, but participants really stressed the need for more time to soak their feet and sample the products.

High marks were given for Deborah Tiffany's "Exercise Means More Than Weight Control" program. Those submitting evaluations said she presented lots of good information with enthusiasm and humor.

Gary Bedsworth's "Cookin' for You or Two" was highly rated as well. Participants requested that future cooking programs include more easy recipes and dishes that required fewer pots and pans and less clean-up time.

Dietz said the organizing committee will review the evaluations and comments and keep looking for more topics to present.

"We had fewer no-shows than in the past and there were more younger participants," she said. "It's a unique opportunity for women to connect and expand their knowledge."

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