A Word In Defense Of Rosalind Jeannette



I would like to say something about a recent article in the Payson Roundup about Rosalind Jeannette. Although I realize the sorrow of the family whose loved one was killed in the accident, and I do know that our laws require that punishment must be meted in these matters, I would like to offer a few words for Rosalind.

I have known this lovely lady for many years, and have always found her to be kind and caring. I am sure that she has gone through her own personal hell in this matter and will have to live with it for the rest of her life, all for a moment of carelessness.

Sending this lady to prison will be of no possible good for anyone involved. It would probably be a "death sentence" to her. At 84, prison would do nothing to correct what has already occurred. Retracting her driver's license would, of course, be necessary and would be punishment in itself as she is a widow and would restrict her coming and going.

I feel strongly for the bereaved family and would understand their wish to see punishment meted out in this case, but prison?? Nothing to be accomplished here.

Maggie Clayton, Mesa (Former Payson resident)

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