Charlie Smith Thanks Voters, Endorses Candidates



As Jon Barber wrote in his Letter to the Editor, the party's over.

I also agree with Jon that this was an experience from which I learned many things.

I want to thank the registered voters of Payson for allowing me the opportunity to present my views and issues during the primary campaign. I still believe that we need to mend the rift with our neighbors and that we have to amend current ordinances concerning the identification of water that developers are bringing in for their projects. I hope that those who are elected to the council will read this and keep it in mind for the future.

I have had time to truly sit back and think about the current candidates and who, in my mind, are worthy to be elected to the council.

For mayor, I endorse Barbara Brewer. Barbara has a passion for Payson. She is a longtime resident of Payson and her heart is in the right place when it comes to Payson. I spend a lot of time at different government meetings in Phoenix, and I, for one, do not want to be asked as I was a few years ago, "So, what's that crazy mayor of yours in the paper for this week." I think we all know about the controversy our previous mayor created for us in the past. We do not need another "controversial" mayor here in Payson.

There are only two candidates for council that I would endorse, and I will do so now. Barbara Underwood and Su Connell are not single-issue candidates, nor are they riding on the coattails of another candidate. They both have been involved in the community through various committees and other community based programs for many years. They have common sense and both will speak for the people and not for special interest groups.

Every registered voter in Payson has the privilege to make a difference by voting for their choice in the available candidates. I would urge everyone to ask each and every candidate those questions that are on your mind. Do not allow them to skirt an issue or question, but answer it for you so that you can make a decision based on the information that you receive. Then vote what you believe will be the best for Payson for the next two years.

Charlie Smith, Payson

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