Concerned About How Barriger's Seat Will Be Filled



The candidates have campaigned for five plus months to convince the citizens to vote for them. Selection of a two-year member of the next council (to replace Barriger) should be done with equal care.

Allow me to offer my thoughts on possible approaches:

1. Leave it for the next council with the hope they will follow #2 below.

2. Seek applicants from the public. Then hold a town meeting where each candidate can present their stand on the issues facing the town as they see them and take a straw advisory poll of the audience. This would allow the citizens to at least see who might be representing them and have some input.

3. At a minimum, they should require the applicants to submit a resume on the issues and that should be made available for public comment.

4. Or, they could wait until May 16 and select the fourth person.

With the timing, I have a concern that the will of the people may not be heard.

Bob Edwards, Payson

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